2018 State Legislative Session

Welcome to the 2018 State Legislative Session!

DATES: January 22 – March 8th, 2018

Action Utah leaders have been busy all year meeting with legislators, lobbyists, advocacy organizations, academics and state agencies to learn about policy needs and what proposed legislation is coming down the pipeline. We use survey and polling data to understand where a majority of Utahns stand on the issues and where bridges can be built to find common ground and create policy that reflects our beliefs and needs. We are building a slate of good policy to support during the 2018 State Legislative Session and coordinating directly with the bill sponsor’s strategy to bring community lobbying opportunities to ordinary community members. That means you will have the chance to impact the issues that matter most to you by taking the actions that have the best chance of making a meaningful and positive difference on policy decisions.

Stay tuned for our list of bills we are tracking in Public Health, Families & Communities, Environmental Stewardship and Government!

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