URGENT! Right NOW is the most critical time to help HB12: Family Planning Services!

We’ve been talking about HB12: Family Planning Services Amendments by Rep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) a LOT at Action Utah. Why? Because it is an excellent bill that improves the lives of women and families and reduces abortions — all the while saving the state $3 for every $1 spent! Rarely do we see bills that help Utahns and the state pocketbook in such proven ways.

This bill has passed in the House and moved to the Senate. Even if the bill passes, it won’t be effective unless it GETS FUNDED. That’s where you come in!

HB 12 will be heard in the Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee meeting tomorrow, when decisions will be made about priorities around funding bills. Be sure to email members  of the committee before Friday (tomorrow) morning and ask them to rank Family Planning Services Amendments (HB 12) as 1 of their top 3 priorities. Every Representative on the appropriations committee supported it on the floor and standing committee (except for Rep. Thurston) – so you can thank them!

Benefits of this bill include:

  1. HB 12 would provide access to contraceptive services for approximately 28,000 Utah women, preventing an estimated 2830 unplanned births, 320 low-weight pre-term births, 2030 abortions while saving the state $7,892,250 over the next 5 years!
  2. HB 12 strengthens Utah families by increasing postsecondary education and employment, increasing earnings and creating more enduring marriages.
  3. Cost savings: HB 12 averts an estimated $29,153,550 in maternal & birth-related costs, plus an additional $1,153,950 in miscarriage and ectopic costs saved (emergency room visits). The Fiscal Note is set at $800,000 annually. Over five years, the state will invest $4,000,000. The conservative net savings is estimated to be $26,307,500. The state of Utah receives 30% of those savings, or $7,892,250. Invest 10% with a 30% Return on Investment!
  4. HB 12 does NOT cover abortions, but rather improves access to family planning services that reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion rates.

Click here to send an email and help more women access contraceptive services now!


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