About Us


Utahns have lost their voice in shaping the policies that affect their lives.

The far right and far left dominate the debate and policymaking on behalf of all Utahns but do not represent the views of a majority of Utahns on the issues. People on both sides of the aisle feel disenfranchised and helpless. Action Utah was created to as a way to give Utahns back their voice because we believe that:

  1. Ordinary community members can wield tremendous power by speaking up on the issues that matter to them
  2. Better solutions for our communities come from bringing people together from all political perspectives to find common ground on the issues


Action Utah is  nonpartisan community network committed to providing factual information on state and national issues and meaningful calls to action that ordinary people can take to impact them. We work tirelessly to keep community members engaged and informed via:


We are working towards creating a political climate and policymaking in Utah that goes beyond partisanship, avoids extremist agendas, seeks out common ground and works across the aisle to bring Utah together on issues that matter to our people through a higher level of citizen engagement and activism. In the long term, we look forward to electing politicians and creating policies that better represent the majority of Utahns and Utah’s changing and diverse demographics.


Ethics, Facts, Accountability, Stewardship, Respect, Nonpartisanship, Meaningful Action


Action Utah and its members engage issues on the state and national level in the following areas:

Families and communities – policies that impact the overall safety, wellbeing and education of the Utah population, that promote harmony between neighbors and understanding between all

Environmental Stewardship – policies that enable us to take care of the beauty and resources of our great state, to maintain a healthy living environment for our people and to honor our culture and heritage, good economic practices and our recreational activities

Public Health – policies that better our society both medically and economically by providing care for all community members, including prevention, services, medication and treatments that save and improve individual lives and benefit the community as a whole

Government – policies that improve accountability, ethics, accessibility, representation and transparency of government to protect our Democracy and make it as robust and vibrant as ever