Join an Action Team


Eager to make a bigger impact? Step up your community advocacy by joining one of our Action Teams. Work directly with our Issue Captains, who will keep you informed about actions you can take, like attending press conferences and rallies, writing letters to the editor, meeting with your legislator, lobbying at the State Capitol, and more. Plus, we will provide you with the information and resources you will need to make your actions most successful. Join as many Action Teams as you like. Encourage your friends to join too! Email us to sign up.

What are our Action Teams working on?

HEALTHCARE  –  Going beyond partisanship to champion and educate the public about the best healthcare for individuals and families and for the economy of the state, including Medicaid protection and expansion and solutions to causation and treatment of addiction.

EDUCATION – Finding better solutions for accountability standards and supporting Our Schools Now, boundary education and School Trust Lands Exchanges.

AIR QUALITY – Advancing solutions at the city and county level to promote cleaner air, economic savings and better medical outcomes for our communities. Advancing state legislative initiatives to improve air quality and providing education on air issues to the Utah community.

REDISTRICTING – Supporting the Better Boundaries ballot initiative to create an independent redistricting commission in Utah and advocating around gerrymandering issues nationwide (including in our own San Juan County).

IMMIGRANTS/REFUGEES – Advocating for better immigration and refugee policies at the federal, state and municipal level and rallying against unethical treatment of immigrants in our communities.

PUBLIC LANDS – Advocating for good stewardship of public lands for environmental and economic reasons, opposing repeal or shrinking of national monuments.

POVERTY/HOMELESSNESS – Improving people’s lives through affordable housing, case management and better alternatives to food taxes, plus protections for critical safety net programs.

WOMEN/FAMILIES – Supporting legislation that improves the lives of women and families in Utah, including advocating against pay disparity and workplace discrimination and for supporting mothers.

VOTING POLICY – Educating Utahns about elections and voting and advocating for better access to voting  in order to improve Utah’s historically low voter turnout.

WATER POLICY – Advocating for conservation, cost-efficiency and infrastructure upgrades that promote more efficient storage and transportation of water

ENERGY POLICY – Investigating legislation and initiatives to promote renewables and create a strong and competitive future energy market for Utah that works towards the economic, health, environmental and educational goals of a majority of Utahns.