Meet Our Team


Katie Lieberman, Chairman of the Board – Katie Lieberman is a licensed clinical therapist and mom of three daughters.  As a Utah native, Katie knows the social political landscape of our state and firmly believes in the ethical values that make our state the amazing place she chooses to call home. She lives in Salt Lake City with her family.



Andrea Himoff, Executive Director – Andrea is a mom, a writer, a nature lover and an environmental blogger. She graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in Classical Studies. After living in many places around the country and the world, Andrea settled for good in Park City to raise her daughters in the Rocky Mountains just a few hours from where she grew up in Colorado. She is an ordinary member of the community who had never previously been engaged in politics, but now feels inspired to get other ordinary Utahns like her engaged in issues that impact our communities in order to make Utah an even better place.

Katie and Andrea founded Action Utah in response to the overwhelming reaction around Utah to the 2016 elections in order to support greater community involvement in making meaningful improvements at the state and national level. And also for their daughters, in hopes that they may grow up understanding that democracy is only as strong as the people willing to engage it. Katie and Andrea believe that the diverse voices of Utah need more representation and are excited to build bridges and bring greater community involvement to a range of policy areas.


Issue Captains

Public Health

Carrie Butler – Carrie is a student at the University of Utah, finishing a dual Masters program in public health and public policy. She is the epidemiology field coordinator for the Four Corners States Biomonitoring Consortium and is passionate about environmental health and health policy. She lives with her husband and daughters in West Jordan, Utah. Contact Carrie.


Public Education

Ashley Anderson – Ashley is an artist and educator based in Salt Lake City. Her work developing an arts non-profit and teaching across numerous districts converges with her advocacy for her two young children that attend their neighborhood Title 1 School. She believes that ordinary Utahns can and must act to equitably improve education for all children. Contact Ashley.



Immigrants / Refugees

Laura Bandara – Laura is an urban designer and planner, with a background in political science and landscape architecture. After observing politics all her life, and seeing political polarization and incivility reach new levels during the last election cycle, she felt compelled to engage in building bridges and finding common ground. Contact Laura.


Voter Rights/Redistricting

Miriah Elliot – Miriah is an attorney and mom of three.  She earned her J.D. with Highest Honors at the University of Utah SJ Quinney College of Law and was a shareholder at Parr, Brown, Gee & Loveless in Salt Lake City before going in-house at a small renewable energy company.  She lives in Ivins, Utah with her family. Contact Miriah.




Teresa Carlson – Teresa is a litigation paralegal, a healthcare staffing coordinator and a lifelong community volunteer. Originally from Illinois, where she earned a B.S. Degree in Anthropology (with minors in Social Work & Sociology), she fell in love with the mountains and moved to Salt Lake City where she continued her education at Westminster College to become a paralegal. Teresa is committed to civil rights and is a volunteer employment coach at People Helping People, a nonprofit group dedicated to reducing the number of children living in poverty. She is delighted to join Action Utah and to help people make their voices heard.  Contact Teresa.

Women and Families

Angie Cook – Angie is passionate about helping women and families in our state and has worked in several organizations to help elevate people out of poverty. She is a family development specialist and a trainer for the Bridges Out of Poverty program. She holds a bachelors degree in business and resides in Riverton with her husband and children.



Holly Richardson – Holly is a former state legislator, wife, mother, small business owner and Masters degree student. She is currently the Utah Women and Education Initiative Coordinator at Utah Valley University. She has served as a marketing and communications director for a state office, is a social media consultant, a popular speaker, writer and humanitarian. She is also excited to be working with women to help them find and use their voices. Holly and her husband, Greg, are the parents of a large family. Holly is also delighted to be a grandma to six and a half adorable grandkids. Between the politics and the large family, she has learned how to stay calm(ish) under intense pressure. Or maybe she’s just kidding herself. Either way, she’s a fan of pedicures and chocolate…..

Health Policy – Addiction

Erin Bigler, MSW– Erin is an Army Wife and mom of three. After being stationed around the world, in 2016 she jumped at the chance to move her family to Utah County where she grew up. She’s thrilled her kids will spend their summers hiking the Y just like she did! She wants to ensure Utah remains a safe place for her children and other families to grow and explore. Erin is passionate about protecting the state’s wild spaces, public education, and women’s health. She is a clinical social worker and specializes in adult mental health and substance abuse.

Communications & Outreach

Director of Social Media

Libby Mitchell – Libby has a background in broadcast news and currently works in the realm of public relations and social media. She is a mother of one daughter who she hopes to raise in a country where people do not have to fight for their rights because of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.




Gabe Moreno – Gabe is an undergraduate student at the University of Utah, double majoring in Communications and International Studies. He earned his A.S. in Communications from the Salt Lake Community College where he graduated with the highest honor of Civically Engaged Scholars. He resides in Sandy, Utah with his family and enjoys volunteering, advocating for multiple causes as well as exploring the great outdoors.



Action Utah is a volunteer-based organization putting ordinary citizens to work on state and national policy issues, often for the first time. Find out about current volunteer opportunities on our Volunteer page.