Op-eds and Letters to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed on an issue that matters to you can help give the issue needed attention, sway public opinion, pressure elected officials to take action or simply educate the community. Action Utah leaders and members submit Op-Eds and LTEs throughout the year on a range of issues. Here’s what we’ve been writing.

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Deseret News, February 11,  2018, by AU Policy Coordinator Ashley Anderson with Christy Clay:

Op-ed: The problem with paraprofessional wages


Opinion: Utahns won’t benefit from more oil and gas production — just the companies that operate here

Salt Lake Tribune, December 9, 2017, by AU member Stan Holmes

Letter: Let’s all agree

The Spectrum, December 4, 2017, by AU Policy Coordinator Miriah Elliott, regarding Rep. Ward’s Family Planning Services Amendments

Letter: Health and Human Services Committee shows softening hearts

Deseret News, Decemeber 2, 2017, by AU Policy Director Carrie Butler, on autism insurance and Sen. Allen Christiansen’s change of heart

Letter: Rep. Ward’s family planning legislation makes sense

– Salt Lake Tribune, Noveber 25, 2017by AU member Kat Martinez

Opinion: Why are those with ties to white supremacists making our immigration policy?

– Deseret News, October 21, 2017, by AU Policy Coordinator Laura Bandara

Why put coal mining ahead of everything else?

– Salt Lake Tribune, September 17, 2017, by AU member and former leader Kate Ferguson

Letter: Respect Utah’s persecuted settlers by supporting DREAMers

– Salt Lake Tribune, September 13 2017, by AU Policy Coordinator Laura Bandara

Letter: Elected Officials Should Support DACA

– Deseret News, September 7, 2017, by AU Policy Coordinator Laura Bandara

Letter: Trade trust lands to benefit Utah schools

– Salt Lake Tribune, May 16, 2017, by AU Policy Coordinator Ashley Anderson about the benefits of trading SITLA lands captured in Bears Ears for more profitable lands

“Letter: Come visit”

– Deseret News, April 15th, 2017, by AU Issue Captain Kate Ferguson to Secretary Zinke during the national monuments review by the Department of the Interior

Column: Brian King’s Good Landlord Amendments: Are they enough?

– The Independent, February 18, 2017, by AU member Marianne Mansfield assessing the benefits of Rep. King’s legislation to help vulnerable Utahns find housing that leads to better outcomes for their families and communities