Action Utah is a volunteer-based organization putting ordinary citizens to work on state and national policy issues, often for the first time. Do you have 4 or more hours a week to help us out? We’d love your company! Volunteers may work from home, join meetings, attend events, attend Interim Session and the Legislative Session at the State Capitol, and so on. No previous experience is required — just a passion to make an impact. We ask our volunteers to sign a contract of commitment and create a volunteer plan to establish best working practices. Are you interested in volunteering? Please complete the application form below. (Note: For skilled volunteer positions, practicum or internships, please contact us).

Current Volunteer Opportunities – Complete application below

Issue Captains – Seeking dedicated volunteers to research and devise strategy on specific national and state level policy areas. Issue Captains manage small subcommittee teams to develop a strategy around legislative and community initiatives, vet legislation, lead community lobbying efforts, provide vetted information and create meaningful calls to action. Issue Captains also act as ambassadors, building important relationships with legislators and advocacy organizations.

Subcommittee Members – Team members who will work under an Issue Captain to create and carry out the strategy on a specific issue at the state and/or federal level. Can involve research, writing, meetings with legislators and advocacy groups, events like press conferences and rallies, community lobbying at the State Capitol and so on.

Communications Director – Oversees creation of content in our Weekly, Daily and Urgent Actions, plus Issue Updates and some educational materials. Responsible for some writing, as well as editing content and preparing it for posting and email. Writing skills a must!

Social Media Coordinator – Responsible for social media accounts and postings, optimizing postings, planning for different types of postings and overseeing postings by others, plus management of accounts and analysis of engagement and insights. Social media experience helpful.

Fundraising – Help Action Utah deliver the best information in the best ways by organizing fundraising events and logistics.


Internships – Action Utah accepts Interns throughout the year for public policy internships that may specialize in legislative work, specific issue areas, nonprofit management, or building specific skills (like technical writing). Students may intern for credit, course assignments or practicum. We work with graduate students, undergraduate students and high school students age 16 and up.

For more information or to apply, please contact us.

More skilled volunteer positions

Marketing/Branding – Create branding and marketing efforts and graphic design for website, social media and other communications materials.

Press Relations – Write and put out press releases, develop and maintain our press kit, field press inquiries, develop press opportunities.

Project Management – Keep our teams organized and on task, organize regular Issue Captain check-ins and in-person meetings and coordinate volunteers.

Accounting – We are a 501(c)4 organization tracking our fundraising and expenses according to our bylaws.

Technology – Work on web development, member management and communication softwares, or start something new by developing our app.

For skilled positions, please contact us.


Action Utah gladly accepts volunteers able to commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week. Please complete this application so we can place you within our organization. We ask our volunteers to sign a contract of commitment with a volunteer plan to establish best working practices. (Note: For skilled volunteer positions, practicum or internships, please contact us).