Last Chance To Take Action In 2016!

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Last week we asked our members to join the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) and weigh in to demand the protection of the Bears Ears region in southern Utah. Yesterday President Obama heeded our call and declared Bears Ears a National Monument, protecting over 100,000 cultural heritage sites and the natural wilderness of the region for decades to come and honoring the wishes of an unprecedented coalition of Tribal Nations. Thank you Action Utah members for taking action!

January 21, 1:00-2:00p – Clean Air, No Excuses Rally – On the steps of the State Capitol Building, E 300 N, Salt Lake City. Join HEAL Utah, Utah Moms for Clean Air, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance, Utah Rivers Council and their allies for a rally to demand accountability from state and federal leaders and do our part to keep Utah a healthy and prosperous place for our families to live, work and play. #holdthelineUtah

January 26th, 9:00-10:30a – Utah Students for Clean Air Rally – South steps of the State Capitol Building, E 300 N, Salt Lake City. Teachers, bring your classes on a field trip and join other school children speaking out about Utah’s air quality problem and the importance of passing meaningful clean air legislation.

Weekly Calls To Action

This is the last call to action of 2016. You’ve done a great job these past two months since the election taking actions — for some of you like never before. But 2017 will need more citizen activists than ever standing up for good policies, accountability, ethics, stewardship, equality and so much more.

So… as our first call to action, we encourage you to make a New Years resolution to continue to engage important issues in the New Year and beyond. These next four years will need more voices than ever rising from unexpected places — from the canyons of Moab to the sands of St. George to the mountains of Park City to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Here are a few ways to make taking action a regular part of your life:

  • Install the VoteSpotter app on your smartphone – get alerts when your representatives vote and tell them what you think.
  • Use My Civic Workout to learn how to include “workouts” of civic activism into your lifestyle.
  • Add your representatives phone numbers to your contact list for easy access. Find your state legislative representatives here. Here are our U.S. Representatives:

Sen. Orrin Hatch – D.C.  (202) 224-5251, UT  (435) 586-8435
Sen. Mike Lee – D.C.  (202) 224-5444, UT  (801) 392-9633
Rep. Rob Bishop (UT01) – D.C. (202) 225-0453, UT (801) 625-0107
Rep. Chris Stewart (UT02) – D.C. (202) 225-9730, UT (801) 364-5550
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT03) – D.C. (202) 225-7751, UT  (801) 851-2500
Rep. Mia Love (UT04) – D.C. (202) 225-3011, UT (801) 996-8729

Local Utah Issues

Although President Obama used his legal powers under the Antiquities Act to proclaim Bears Ears National Monument, some of our Utah representatives, like Rob Bishop, have already vowed to do all they can to rescind the national monument designation.

  • Call Rob Bishop and ask him to abandon any efforts to undo or defund the Bears Ears National Monument. Be sure to mention if you are a constituent!
  • Sign this letter to your U.S. Rep, U.S. Senators and Governor Herbert urging them not to undo or defund the national monument.

National Issues

1. Watchdog against Trump

  • Sign this CREDO petition urging companies to refuse to build a Muslim registry and this STOCK Act Project’s petition urging Rep. Chaffetz and Rep. Cummings to watchdog Trump for insider trading
  • Tell your local press to hold Trump accountable. Find your local press outlets using this resource or this one. Write a letter to the editor of a local paper and ask for independent and rigorous coverage of Trump and his administration. Be sure to thank them when they do hold Trump accountable.

2. Investigate Russian interference with the election (from

  • On December 15th, Representative Stephen Lynch (D-Mass), a senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) requesting a bi-partisan open investigation into Russia’s election interference. Join Rep. Lynch by calling your Representative (listed above) and using use this script. If your Rep has not and does not intend to make a public statement in support of a bi-partisan open investigation, then…
  • call or email your local news media and urge them to cover this important issue. Also, share your Rep’s position with your friends and family and blast it over social media.
  • On December 21st, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that there is “ample evidence” President-elect Donald Trump knew before Election Day that Russia was behind the hacks on Democrats (which could be treason). The day before, Congresswoman Velázquez (D-NY) was the first member of Congress to ask Attorney General Loretta Lynch to form a special counsel to investigate the cyberattacks. Support Rep. Velázquez by calling the Attorney General’s Department Comment Line at 202-353-1555.

You can say something like this:

“I’m calling to support Representative Velázquez’ request for Attorney General Lynch to appoint a special counsel to investigate Russia’s influence on the election. Trump has recently denied the conclusions of our entire intelligence community and insists that Russia did not interfere. His dangerous position warrants an investigation into his campaign’s knowledge of Russia’s attacks. While Congress may conduct its own investigation, The Department of Justice is in a unique position to appoint a special counsel which would be independent of political influence. I ask you to use your power to ensure that the American people obtain a thorough investigation of these matters.”

3. Demand Trump #ActOnClimate

  • Sign this Climate Voices petition in support of a letter to Trump by 800 professors in the sciences demanding that the president-elect #ActOnClimate in 6 ways during his administration, including protecting scientific integrity in policymaking
  • Add your name to this Organizing for America list by Barack Obama to speak up in support of strong steps forward in the fight against climate change

And a Happy New Year!

From all of us at Action Utah, we thank you for your enthusiasm and activism in 2016 and we wish you a wonderful and engaged 2017! We look forward to growing with you and making meaningful change together in the new year and beyond!

Andrea & Katie

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