URGENT: Prevent single party rule in the Utah State Legislature

January 23rd, 2017|URGENT Action|3 Comments

Welcome to the state legislative session, where important bills supporting or eroding important rights can come and go quickly and without notice. We want to draw attention to a BAD BILL coming up for debate tomorrow afternoon at 2pm in the Utah House Government Operations Committee:

HB 11 State Boards and Commissions Amendments (Rep. Thurston) – this bill removes the requirement for the Governor to appoint people from more than one political party to over 28 boards and commissions. These boards and commissions debate bills on every issue coming through the legislature, from infrastructure appropriations to gay rights to poverty alleviation to clean air and everything in between, including bills like HB 11.


Tell our state legislature it is not okay to rule Utah as a one-party system.

  • Email, text or call each member of the Utah House Government Operations Committee TODAY, plus your own representative to urge them to vote “no” on HB 11 State Boards and Commissions Amendments. Why? Because these boards and commissions are deeply involved in all aspects of state governance, because removing the bipartisan requirement ensures these boards will be filled with partisans and because absolute control by one party is undemocratic.
  • Members from Weber County/Ogden: Rep. Jeremy Peterson is the Chair of this committee. We need you to contact your representative TODAY! Utah County members – please contact Rep. Thurston, the Vice Chair of the committee and sponsor of HB 11.

Utah House of Government Operations Committee

Rep. Jeremy Peterson (R) – Chairjeremyapeterson@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-390-1480

Rep. Norman K. Thurston (R) – Vice Chair,normthurston@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-477-5348

Rep. Patrice Arent (D) – parent@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-889-7849

Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D) –rchouck@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-891-9292

Rep. Brad M. Daw (R) – bdaw@le.utah.gov, 801-850-3608

Rep. Daniel McCay (R) – dmccay@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-810-4110

Rep. Merill F. Nelson (R) – mnelson@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-971-2172

Rep. Lee B. Perry (R) – leeperry@le.utah.gov, cell: 435-225-0430

Rep. Val L. Peterson (R) – vpeterson@le.utah.gov

Rep. Dean Sanpei (R) – dsanpei@le.utah.gov, cell: 801-979-5711

Brian J. Bean – Policy Analyst, bbean@le.utah.gov

Find your Utah representative by clicking here.

To find out more about this bill and why it is bad for Utah, read the Utah Political Capitol article, “Flagged Bill: HB 11 State Boards and Commission Amendments – Rep. Norm Thurston“.


  1. Connie Zeller January 23, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    So amazed and inspired by others like me!

  2. Julie McKown January 24, 2017 at 9:17 am


  3. Christine Helfrich January 24, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Sent Jeremy Peterson a text. Also told him I looked forward to his sponsorship of Utah bill on National Popular Vote.

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