URGENT: Tell Senator Weiler where you stand on the issues

Utahns! This is a rare time when our state senators want to hear from us — not just their own constituents but, in Senator Todd Weiler’s own words, from “the entire state of Utah“. Senator Weiler has put out a brief survey with several important questions, and he’s already received over 800 responses. Calling all Utahns to weigh in on state issues TODAY as the legislative session roars to life!


Tell Senator Weiler how you feel about major state issues by answering questions and providing comments — personal anecdotes, data or simply your opinion — to support any of your answers:

  • Familiarize yourself with the survey questions below. If you aren’t sure where you stand on these issues, you can select “Undecided” or read up on them before filling out the survey. Or, click on the links provided for more information from our partners and others (or do your own research) to help you answer the questions and fill in the comments section.
  • Then take this brief survey from Senator Weiler.

Please note, Sen. Weiler is a conservative Republican, and his questions are phrased according to his agenda. Feel free to choose “other” if his multiple choice options don’t cover your opinions! Here is a list of the survey questions:

  1. What is the most important issue facing Utah in 2017? (Education, Taxes, Transportation, Clean Air, Water, Other)
  2. What is the most important issue facing the nation in 2017? (Immigration, Debt/Spending, Ending Obamacare (ACA), Foreign Policy, Taxes, Terrorism, Other)
  3. Should Utah keep the death penalty as an option for criminal convicted of first degree murder? (more info)
  4. Do you support the legalization of medical marijuana in Utah? (more info)
  5. Do you support construction of a coal port in Oakland, California to support the energy industry in Utah? (more info)
  6. Should the Lake Powell pipeline be built? (more info)
  7. Other than the National Parks, should the Trump administration turn over control of Utah’s federal lands to the state? (more info)
  8. Should the government do more to protect private property from seizure without adequate compensation?
  9. Should the government do more to protect the invasion of citizen’s liberty without justifiable cause?
  10. Should the government do more to protect children from hardcore pornography?
  11. Do you support the attempts by Senator Hatch and Senator Lee to repeal Pres. Obama’s designation of the Bears Ears Monument? (more info)

If you have strong feelings about any of these issues, now is your chance to SPEAK UP! Here are a few talking points to help you:

  • The death penalty is costly, fails to deter crime, sometimes kills innocent people and denies civil liberties, which is why more than a dozen states have already abolished it.
  • Funding $53 million of Utah taxpayer money for a coal port in California makes no sense and contributes to climate change instead of fighting it.
  • The Lake Powell Pipeline is costly and unnecessary. Washington County’s water crisis can be solved through better management of the county’s water surplus, restructuring of water rates and enforcement of water restrictions.
  • Transferring public lands to state hands results in the sale and lease of these lands to fossil fuel and mining companies that hurt Utahns economically in the long run, destroy tourism, reduce recreation spaces for Utahns due to privatization and create health problems for our communities from the air and water pollution from private drilling and mining operations.
  • A great way to fight the porn problem in Utah is to pass Rep. Brian King’s Healthy Relationships Education bill, which would teach children in age appropriate ways about safe and healthy relationships and boundaries.
  • Repealing the National Monument designation of Bears Ears that Utahns fought hard to get is a partisan stance that mischaracterizes Obama’s proclamation of the monument on behalf of and because of Utahns and the broad support the proposal received and the hard work of Utah citizens, organizations and tribal coalitions put into protecting the land and Native American heritage sites.


  1. Lynn Farrar January 25, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    I would like to take this survey, but it won’t let me type in my answers. Is there another way to take it?

  2. Andrea Himoff January 26, 2017 at 7:26 am

    That’s strange. You are the only person reporting problems so far. Try reloading the survey or even restarting your computer and trying again. This is the only way to take the survey. Hope that works!

  3. Sandra Halladay January 26, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    1-clean air. 9-yes
    2-climate change. 10-yes
    3-no. 11-no!!!!!!

  4. Marilyn Smith January 27, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    1- Fight Betsy DeVos’ nomination. Horrible candidate.

    2- do not repeal the ACA. Work to improve it.

    3- free the EPA from tyrannical limitations on them doing their job and communications. Let them speak, let them communicate.

    4- Do not build any walls. Not any. We are a beacon of freedom, not hatred.

    5- Do not exercise any “extreme vetting” of immigrants. Syrians are fleeing a travesty. They are not terrorist.

    6- global climate change is real. Do not perpetrate lies or play into lies.

    7- say no to federal abortion bans. Our bodies, our choice. If human life mattered, you would care for American citizens, not just the unborn. Provide free daycare, free health services for all children, free preschool. Legislate adoptions are free. Otherwise, don’t pretend to care about the unborn. It’s a ruse.

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