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January 24th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

It’s Tuesday, January 24th — time to TAKE ACTION!

Why? Trump’s cabinet have gone through committee and will now be voted on by the Senate. If Democrats stand in unity to oppose certain picks, then only 3 Republicans are needed to reject dangerous appointees like Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt and Betsy DeVos.


It’s time to pay a visit to our Senators’ offices IN PERSON and tell the staff what you think about Trump’s cabinet picks.

  • Join Indivisible, MoveOn, Wall of Us and tens of thousands of Americans by visiting our Senator’s offices IN PERSON and asking them to reject unfit cabinet appointees. Find addresses for Sen. Lee and Sen. Hatch’s distict offices below.
  • For those of you in Salt Lake City – join a group of MoveOn volunteers visiting Sen. Lee and Sen. Hatch’s offices at 12:30p downtown. RSVP here for the group visit.
  • If you absolutely can’t show up in person, pick up the phone and call our Senators.

Sen. Mike Lee – Click here for district office addresses in D.C., Salt Lake, Ogden and St. George.
Sen. Orin Hatch – Click here for district office addresses in D.C., Salt Lake, Ogden, St. George, Provo and Cedar City.

Tips for a successful meeting

  1. Don’t schedule an appointment in advance – simply show up and ask to speak to the Senator or the highest ranking staff member about your deep concerns about Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.
  2. Know what you want to say before you go – Use this amazing tool from Wall of Us to read up on the cabinet picks you want our Senators to oppose. Please pay particular attention to all the appointees in RED — the ones we want to “stop with all our might”, including Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, Rick Perry and so on.
  3. Be polite. Let me repeat that: be polite. These staff members can be your friend or your foe. Make a friend who is willing to listen to your opinions and pass them along to our Senators.
  4. Bring friends – You can always go alone, but bringing friends can double the impact. Post on social media that you are going with an exact place and time and invite others to come too. Be sure to follow up to make sure your friends come.
  5. Record your meeting – Whatever happens, good or bad, video your meeting — you may want to use the footage later. If the office staff don’t let you in, if they don’t help you or are unfriendly post the footage on social media. Take pictures too.
  6. Contact the press – Let local media know you are going. Have someone in your group prepared to make a statement or answer questions if the press shows up. Here is a great tool to help you find your local media outlets.
  7. Make signs – They look great in pictures and grab more media attention, so if you have it in you, bring a colorful sign.
  8. Write about it – If your local press wasn’t there, write up a report including photos or videos, about what happened and send it to them. They might print a story using that information, and it will help you build a relationship with your reporters. Post pictures and videos on social media using the hashtags #Indivisible #WallofUs and #ShowUp

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