Stop Trump from gutting the EPA

January 25th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Within minutes of taking the inaugural oath, Trump and his administration erased all references to climate change from of the White House website and proposed an energy “plan” that includes eliminating the Climate Action Plan, tapping oil and gas supplies especially on federal land and committing to clean coal.  Soon after, the Trump administration issued gag orders on government scientists. Yesterday, Trump signed an executive order to move the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines forward. What could be worse for the environment and human health than all this?

leaked to-do list makes it clear that Trump will also follow through on his campaign promises to gut the EPA, including a rollout of budget cuts and repeals of key regulations designed to protect air, water and climate from corporate polluters. Here’s what the leaked document promises the Trump administration will do (from Food & Water Watch):

  • Identify opportunities to cut programs, including $513 million from “state and tribal assistance grants,” $193 million from ending climate programs and $109 million from “environmental programs and management.”
  • Stop initiatives including “Clean Air Act greenhouse gas regulations,” clean car standards and clean water protections.
  • Permanently change how the EPA uses science to prevent the agency from returning to “its bad old ways as soon as an establishment administration takes office.”


Stand up for the EPA and oppose Trump’s efforts to destroy environmental policy.

  1. Oppose Scott Pruitt’s nomination as Head of the EPA – Call Senator Hatch and Senator Lee as part of the National Day of Action to oppose the appointment of climate denier, corporate backer, and major polluter Scott Pruitt to head up the EPA only in order to gut it. Other climate denying cabinet picks include Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Ryan Zinke and Rick Perry, among many others.
  2. Text “RESIST TRUMP” to 69866 to receive urgent action alerts on your mobile phone from Food & Water Watch, a pollution, toxin and environmental watchdog group.
  3. Donate to your favorite climate change advocacy group. Not sure what groups to support? Check out this list of “34 Ways to Support Climate Action” from Everyday Earthiness, which includes a list of local Utah organizations to support at the end.
  4. Join the People’s Climate Movement – With a major rally planned in Washington on April 29th and local mobilization and a rally coming to Salt Lake, help the 84% of Americans who believe in climate change speak loudly enough to drown out the 2/3 of our nation’s congressional politicians who are fossil-fuel funded climate deniers misrepresenting us in government. Click here to join the movement.
  5. Join the National Resources Defense Council teleconference –  “Defending the Environment Against the Trump Administration” on Friday, Jan 27th at 11:30a MST by RSVPing here.

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