URGENT: Stop Mike Noel from becoming head of the BLM

January 26th, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

Business leaders and conservationists alike are joining together to oppose Utah Rep. Mike Noel’s bid to become the next head of the BLM. Why? Rep. Noel has been a vocal and relentless opponent of the BLM for the past 20 years. As the Salt Lake Tribune reports in the article, “Can Utah’s Mike Noel run the BLM, an agency he despises?“:

“Noel has since become a leading extremist in the movement to blunt conservation prerogatives on public lands…and in the process has earned a reputation as a dogmatic bully.”

The ABU’s Madison Hayes wrote in her Salt Lake Tribune op-ed last month:

“… naming Noel as the director of the BLM would spell disaster for our public lands. Nearly 65 percent of Utah’s lands are public, making the BLM director position especially important for those of us who live here and would feel the effects of poor management.”

Peter Metcalfe, founder of Black Diamond Equipment, stated:

“The BLM manages some of the America’s most spectacular and iconic landscapes, landscapes that are integral to outdoor recreation, sportsmen, biodiversity, and native Americans’ and America’s high quality of life. We need a BLM leader aligned with this mission, one who recognizes the role these well-stewarded landscapes play in the vibrancy of one of America’s most important and sustainable economic sector. Mike Noel is the opposite.”

That’s why Metcalfe has joined with 15 other business leaders and conservationists in sending a letter to the Trump administration opposing Noel’s possible selection as BLM director. The letter is signed and endorsed by Jan & Bryson Garbett (Garbett Homes), Peter Metcalf (CEO Emeritus, Black Diamond), Nazz Kurth (President, Petzl America), John Sears (President, Gregory Mountain Products), Kevin Boyl (President, KUHL), Pat Shea (Former Director, BLM), Sierra Club, Utah Chapter, Southern Utah Wilderness Association, the Alliance for a Better Utah, Save Our Canyons, Wild Utah Project, Wild Earth Guardians, Western Values Project and others. Now is your chance to join their effort!


Send a clear message to the Trump administration that Mike Noel is not the man for the job.

  • Sign this petition by the ABU urging Trump and Zinke  NOT to appoint Mike Noel as head of the BLM.

Keep an eye out for other great petitions to sign on our Petitions, Petitions! page, updated daily.


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