TODAY: Reject the appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council (UPDATED)

February 2nd, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Saturday night in the form of an executive order, Trump removed the existing Director of National Intelligence and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff from the “principals committee” of the National Security Council and replaced them instead with his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon. This startling act means that Bannon has been elevated to a status alongside the secretaries of state and defense and above the president’s top military and intelligence advisors, who will now only be able to attend National Security Council meetings when the council is considering issues in their direct areas of responsibilities.

The purpose of the National Security Council is to ensure that the president has the best possible advice from his Cabinet, the military, and the intelligence community before making major decisions. Steve Bannon not only lacks the considerable experience needed to be the principal foreign policy adviser to the president, he is an anti-Semitic and white supremacist and has expressed his desire to “bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Bannon’s advisory role in matters of national security is dangerous and unscrupulous and has the potential to bring about the deaths of many innocent people. The Huffington Post reported Thursday that Trump ordered his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence or preparation that lead to multiple civilian deaths in Yemen.


  • Contact your congressional representatives and ask them to publicly call on Bannon to stand down from the National Security Council. Find your congressional representatives by clicking here.
  • Ask your U.S. representative to support Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s bill to make it so no person whose “primary or predominant responsibility is political in nature” could be designated as a member of the Security Council or be allowed to regularly attend its meetings. This bill would effectively remove Bannon from the NSC.
  • THIS JUST IN FROM THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: Call the Senate Committee on Homeland Security THIS WEEKEND. And email them too. “We just learned that the Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking calls about Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council (NSC). We’re told that they’re tallying calls. You might get a busy signal but try, try, try again all this weekend. Leave a message if you get through to voicemail. The number: 202-224-4751Be sure to tell the committee that you believe no individual whose primary responsibility is political in nature should be allowed on the NSC or authorized to attend its meetings. Partisan politics have no place in our national security. Please also email the committee using this form.”
  • Get busy on social media posts, letters to the editor, radio calls, etc, spreading the phrase “President Bannon” #StopPresidentBannon, following the lead of the NY Times, USA Today, GQ and Foreign Policy Magazine.

When talking to your congressional representatives, you can say something like this (from re:act):
“The decision to seat white nationalist Steve Bannon on the National Security Council, while downgrading the standing of our military and intelligence leaders, is dangerous for America and the world. Will [REP X] publicly support any legislation that takes Bannon off the council, and publicly call for his removal?”

Senator Orrin Hatch – D.C. (202) 224-5251, UT (435) 586-8435

Senator Mike Lee – D.C. (202) 224-5444, UT (801) 392-9633

Rep. Rob Bishop (UT01) – D.C. (202) 225-0453, UT (801) 625-0107

Rep. Chris Stewart (UT02) – D.C. (202) 225-9730, UT (801) 364-5550

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT03) – D.C. (202) 225-7751, UT (801) 851-2500

Rep. Mia Love (UT04) – D.C. (202) 225-3011, UT (801) 996-8729

Not sure who is your representative? Click here to find out.

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