Join the Action Utah team at the Chaffetz Town Hall this Thursday

February 6th, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

Our congressional representatives meet with their constituents infrequently — often only once year, if that, and not always in person. This week we have the rare opportunity to meet with District 4 Representative Jason Chaffetz, who is also the Chair of the House Oversight Committee.

Chaffetz has tried to walk a fine line on a number of controversial issues of late, attempting not to overly anger either side of the political spectrum, but all the while:

  • denouncing Trump before the Presidential election, but to refusing to investigate Trump for possible conflicts of interest and ethical issues since November 8th
  • deciding to pull the unpopular Disposal of Excess Federal Lands legislation, HR 621, last week, which would have sold off 3.3 million acres of public land, but not refraining from pushing HR 622, a bill that would strip the BLM and Forest Service of policing powers and require local sherif departments to take over the hefty job of protecting federal public lands, monuments and heritage sites instead
  • announcing the continuation of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails
  • supporting the repeal of the ACA
  • remaining neutral in his comments about Trump’s executive orders for a Muslim and refugee ban

On Thursday, Rep. Chaffetz will be holding a town hall at 7:00p, Brighton High School, 2220 Bengal Boulevard in Cottonwood Heights. This is a rare chance for constituents and non-constituents alike to engage in discourse with the congressman, ask good questions and insist on real answers. We invite you to join Action Utah at this meeting in an effort to make this town hall as productive for both sides as possible.

Why? Last week, Rep. Chris Stewart held a town hall meeting in St. George and was surprised by a crowd of angry constituents demanding accountability around health care with the repeal of of the ACA. The conversation became enflamed with plenty of yelling and heated statements, and one person was even removed from the audience. Although passions and emotions play a large part in people’s personal beliefs and political leanings, it is our belief at Action Utah that the most productive meetings with public officials are those where both sides conduct themselves with calm, respectfulness and intelligence about the issues. Only in this way do we have a chance of hearing each other and making progress through our conversations.

To that end, we are compiling a team of Utahns to attend the meeting on Thursday. We will supply our people with good tips on how to create the best town hall setting for the most positive and effective outcome and also will supply our team members with a list of researched, intelligent and tough questions to ask our representative at the meeting.


  • Join Action Utah’s Chaffetz Town Hall team by emailing us here. We will email our team members tips and questions in preparation for Thursday’s meeting.

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