TODAY: Help us show the fight for reproductive health education is NOT over

You contacted legislators across the state. You wrote op-eds. You joined a texting tree in Herriman, Daybreak, Price, Ogden, Bountiful, Park City, Salt Lake and beyond. You testified before the legislative committee and you packed into overflow rooms at the Capitol for hours last night in support of HB 215: Reproductive Health Services and Amendments to get opt-in sex education that is proven to delay the initiation of sex, reduce STIs, and reduce sexual assault. Even with support from Utahns around the state, even with comprehensive evidence and deeply personal anecdotal testimony, not much seemed to sway partisan minded legislators in the public hearing on HB 215. Although the bill was defeated in committee last night, THE FIGHT FOR COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED IS NOT OVER.


Bills calling for real sex ed in Utah have also failed in previous years at the State Capitol. Why? Because change like this doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes requires years years of constant, consistent and dedicated work to push through partisan politics. We must continue to keep our eyes on our goals and keep moving forward. Here are a few things you can do keep the fight going.
You can say something like this (please personalize): 
I am writing from (ZIP or DISTRICT) to thank you for voting yes on the unsuccessful HB215. I appreciate you taking a stand for parent choice in education, the reduction of sexual assault and for science-based educational methods. 
  • Tell the rest of the committee how terrible their decision was in opposing HB 215 and that they will hear from constituents in their next election. One rep, Lavar Christensen, won this past November by only FIVE VOTES. He needs to know that this extremely partisan decision-making (the vote was split entirely on party lines) has no place in the state legislature particularly when it only increases the likelihood of non-partisan problems like increased sexual abuse rates.

House Education Committee

You can say something like this (please personalize):
I am writing from (ZIP or DISTRICT) to tell you I am extremely disappointed in your clearly partisan vote against HB215. At the very least, amendments could’ve been proposed for a second hearing. Many bill proponents were in overflow rooms or prohibited from speaking due to delays in the prior hearing. At the end of the day, you don’t have to agree with comprehensive sex education, but please hear from the many constituents who wanted the ability to opt-in to what we feel is best for our families. (ADD YOUR OWN POV) 
  • Let us know you stood up for reproductive health education by clicking below and/or writing a comment here on our website or on our Facebook page.


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