URGENT: Last chance to oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA

February 16th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

URGENT: The Senate will hold a final vote TOMORROW on Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The damage that Scott Pruitt could do to the EPA could last generations. Trump has vowed to strip the EPA of many of its important responsibilities, to gut the originally bi-partisan Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act and repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan despite the fact that a majority of Americans support it. In Pruitt, he found a nominee who is a fossil-fuel funded climate denier and backer of major corporate polluters to strip the EPA of its ability to create and enforce regulations. Don’t let a nominee like Pruitt remove these invaluable protections to air, water, the environment and human health.

In Utah, the only progress on tackling our enormous air pollution problem has come from EPA pressure. Without the EPA, there will be no progress in Utah for clean air. We can’t let this happen.


  • Call Senator Hatch and Senator Lee TODAY and ask them to oppose Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA.

Sen. Orrin Hatch – D.C.  (202) 224-5251, UT  (435) 586-8435
Sen. Mike Lee – D.C.  (202) 224-5444, UT  (801) 392-9633

Here’s what you can say:
“My name is ______ and I’m a constituent. I would like my Senator to oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator. He’s proven time and again that he’ll side with polluting corporations over protecting our air, water and climate. Thank you for taking my comment.”

More information

Scott Pruitt is a well known adversary of the EPA. So why would Trump appoint him to head up an agency he loathes? One reason: to slash the guts out of the EPA. Remember, the EPA and major federal environmental regulations were originally established by REPUBLICANS! But for years Republicans have vowed to strip the EPA of its ability to create and enforce regulations, falsely blaming “environmental regulation” for a number of corporate woes, such as for the decline of the coal industry.

The EPA is the only organization in the country responsible for clean water and clean air legislation, federal environmental regulation and enforcement, scientific research, public education, sustainability studies and economic productivity assessments related to protecting both environmental health and human health in the arenas of natural resources, economic growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry and international trade.


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