Get air quality monitoring funded!

Representative Patrice Arent has an appropriations request in for additional Air Quality monitors for the Wasatch Front. This is not in the form of a bill, and won’t go through the Natural Resources Committee, but rather will go through the Appropriations committee for funding.


 It’s getting late in the session. So the best outreach is three-fold.
  • Contact the Executive Appropriations Committee members about this program (see members and contact information below). Be sure to mention if you are a constituent!
  • Write Letters to the Editor in support of more monitors
  • Tell at least 5 friends to do the same

Talking Points:

  • The Governor’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget includes a recommendation for $1.3 million in one-time and $150,000 ongoing appropriations for air quality.
  • The 2016 Legislature appropriated $1 million and $200,000 ongoing in response to the Governor’s 2017 (last year’s) Budget but the entire budget was for $2.16 million, so this appropriations will be the second half of the original budgetary request.
  • Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ) wants these monitors. I’ve attached their Budget Request one page information sheet.
  • In order to continue to monitor air quality, these funds are crucial. $1 million of the up-front costs will go to replacing instruments that have out-performed their useful life expectancy. Currently 35% of the air quality monitors are operating beyond their useful lives.

Additional Backgound:

  • SL Tribune Op-Ed about air quality monitoring…
  • Valerie from our team attended Senator Niederhauser’s townhall on Saturday. She raised this issue, and Sen. Niederhauser indicated it wasn’t a priority because funds were appropriated last year. It’s crucial to indicate to the Executive Members that while the money was appropriated last year, it was only a portion of what was in the Governor’s budget, and this year’s appropriation is merely looking to close the gap or be the second appropriations to the original request from the Governor.
Executive Appropriations Committee Members:
Sen. Jerry Stevenson 
Rep. Dean Sanpei      
Sen. Kevin Van Tassell
Rep. Bradley Last       
Sen. J. Stuart Adams  
Sen. Gene Davis         
Sen. Luz Escamilla     
Sen. Jani Iwamoto      
Sen. Peter Knudson    
Sen. Karen Mayne      
Sen. Wayne Neiderhauser
Sen. Ralph Okerlund  
Rep. Joel Briscoe        
Rep. Francis Gibson   
Rep. Sandra Hollins    
Rep. Gregory Hughes 
Rep. Brian King           
Rep. John Knotwell     
Rep. Angela Romero  
Rep. Brad Wilson        
Thank you. Please let us know what responses you receive from the various members. Spread the word!

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