Hey ladies, want equal pay? This is the first step! (SB210)

It’s time to start mustering support for SB 210: Equal Pay Amendments (Sen. Anderegg)

SB 210 modifies provisions related to employee pay in the state. Specifically, SB 210 instructs the Department of Workforce Services to conduct a study on whether there is a difference in pay between men and women in the state and asks the DWS to maintain a pay index for certain occupations showing the average pay range in the state for each occupation based on years of experience in the occupation.

This bill is necessary to acquire and quantify the required data to understand the problem of unequal pay in the state of Utah.

We need people to reach out to state senators to VOTE YES on this bill. The TONE you use in your emails is crucial. This is NOT the time to get ra-ra feminist on conservative Republican senators who are generally already concerned about this bill. We need to GENTLY sway the senators on this bill by asking them simply support the collection of data in order to understand if there is a pay disparity problem, and if so, what the problem is. Senator Anderegg is deeply committed to using good, quantifiable data to support future legislation to impact the pay disparity in Utah. But without data, he fears he will be unable to convince his fellow Republicans. Let’s help him out!

Conservatives and Republicans — we need you especially on this one, as your voice will be heard the loudest on this one! Progressives and Independents — reach out to your conservative friends and family members and ask them to send a quick email to gain support for Equal Pay!


  • Contact the members of the Senate Business and Labor Committee (contact info below). Be sure to mention if you are a constituent! Remember to be RESPECTFUL and utilize arguments about the importance of collecting data.
  • District 7 constituents: We especially need Sen. Deidre Henderson’s constituents to contact her dhenderson@le.utah.gov and respectfully ask her to testify in favor of this bill on committee, as her public support is crucial.
  • Contact your own state senator and ask them to support this resolution. Find your state senator by clicking here. 

Use this one of these email subject headers: 

Please support SB 210: Equal Pay Amendments

I LIVE IN YOUR DISTRICT – Please support SB 210: Equal Pay Amendments

You can use the following talking points when crafting your email (be sure to personalize it!):

  • This is an issue around which there are many emotions and assumptions, but not enough supporting data on the state of Utah to justify either action or non-action on equal pay
  • The Utah Department of Workforce Services can easily access the data requested by this bill to take into account gender, occupation, pay range and years of experience
  • If we want to have a fruitful discussion about a gender wage gap, we should have it after the comparison is made based on real Utah data
  • This bill supports paycheck transparency, ensuring fair pay and equal rights for all 

Members of the Senate Business and Labor Committee to email:







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