URGENT: Create social justice by supporting amendments to the Good Landlords Act

Rep. Brian King’s HB 178: Good Landlord Amendments prohibits a municipality from requiring a residential landlord to deny tenancy to an individual based on the individual’s criminal history. Why is this important? Without the amendments proposed in HB 178, the Good Landlords Act:

  • Requires landlords to deny tenancy to an individual with a criminal history.
  • Separates families – when individuals are leaving corrections often times they are married and cannot join their families due to not being able to be added to the lease.
  • Is a barrier to economic mobility by prohibiting individuals who have been offered a job the ability to obtain a waiver.

HB 178 aims to fix these problems by offering individuals who have done their time stable housing choices in higher opportunity areas in order to reintegrate people with a criminal history back into society and give them the best chance at succeeding.

HB 178 will be heard on the Senate floor within the next day or two. Let’s help it get passed!


  • Email your state senator to ask them to vote YES on HB 178: Good Landlord Amendments. Find your state senator by clicking here.

Use this subject header:

FROM CONSTITUENT – Please support HB178 Good Landlord Amendments

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