Action still needed! 8 Ways to make a difference over the weekend!

Week 5 is over, and we have only 9 legislative days to go in the state legislative session! In case you missed any calls to action this week, here are the actions you can STILL take to make an impact over the weekend. So sit down with a cup of hot cocoa or a bowl of popcorn and spend a few minutes making a difference. Remember, every action counts!


1. HB 19 Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Amendments – Believe it or not, this is actually a social justice bill! HB 19 requires the filing of criminal charges for all property seizures and thereby protects vulnerable communities from having their property seized without ever being charged with a crime.

2. HB 29 Energy Efficient Vehicle Tax Incentives – Clean air legislation comes in baby steps, and this is an important step toward creating a transition to EVs in Utah and reducing air pollution from vehicles, which makes up an estimated 57% of our total air pollution. Help this bill get funded!

3. HB 178 Good Landlord Amendments – The Good Landlords program currently requires discrimination against convicted felons, punishing Utahns who have already served their time and are trying to re-enter society, rejoin their families and turn their lives around. Brian King’s amendments creates social justice by giving these people better access to affordable housing and a greater chance at success.

4. Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Upgrades – This is an appropriation, not a bill, which requests funding to upgrade outdated air quality monitoring equipment. The funding for this has been de-prioritized because legislators believe this was funded last year. However, what some legislators don’t seem to know is that only half of the requested funds were granted last year, and the other half are still needed to improve air quality monitoring.

5. SB 210 Equal Pay Amendments – Senator Anderegg has taken the wise first step of proposing a bill that would analyze the problem of unequal pay through quantifiable data. This easily attainable Utah-specific data is needed to propose future legislation to combat unequal pay. Help Anderegg’s GOP colleagues get behind this important first step. Please comment to your state senators about the importance of the data!

6. Call on Governor Herbert to protect Immigrants in Utah – Governor Herbert has extraordinary power to protect immigrants, including preventing ICE raids and preventing the use of National Guards to roundup millions of immigrants in the Southwest and Texas. But constituents need to call on him to use these powers. According to his office, Herbert favors the roundup of “criminal” immigrants. Constituent calls are needed!

7. Stand up for Transgender Students’ Civil Rights – On Wednesday U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew protections for transgender students. Call on Sessions and Senators Lee and Hatch to stand up for transgender students’ civil rights and reinstate Title IX protections. PLUS attend a tele-townhall Tuesday night to help you to better understand the issue.

8. Urge Congress to Protect Medicaid – Congressional Republicans last week proposed the gutting of Medicaid, putting healthcare for 70 million Americans at risk and threatening the viability of hospitals and essential programs like vaccination for tens of millions of children. Tell your Congressperson to stand up for Medicaid!

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