Care about land conservation? Save Bonanza Flats!

February 25th, 2017|Action of the Week|0 Comments

Bonanza Flats is at risk for sale and development

Bonanza Flats is approximately 1,350 acres of largely flat land with alpine meadows and lakes—it is the land that falls in front of you when you stand atop Guardsman Pass and look from Park City across Midway toward Heber. Popular Lackawaxen Lake and Bloods Lake are within the boundaries of the proposed acquisition, as is the face of the 10420 Peak. The land is privately held, and it is an area that Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back residents have used for recreation for years. This land is the gateway to numerous hiking and biking trails, including the popular Wasatch Crest Trail.

There has been no shortage of threats to this land in the past, with plans of golf courses and ski lifts plaguing the refuge and homes of moose, elk, black bear and birds of prey. Today, we have the opportunity to prevent this from ever happening and keeping it wild for future generations. Without your help, a sea of rooftops will replace the clean water, wildlife habitat, unique scenery, and the solace this land provides.

Bonanza Flats will cost a total of $38 million to purchase for conservation and save from development. Park City has passed a $25 million bond to cover a large portion of the cost, but there is still a $13 million funding gap.

Enter “Save Bonanza Flats,” a coalition of nine non-profits (Sierra Club, Save Our Canyons, Mountain Trails, Friends of Alta, Trails Utah, Utah Open Lands, Wasatch Backcountry Alliance, Wasatch Mountain Club, Winter Wildlands Alliance and Summit Land Conservancy) seeking to raise the additional funding from the public. So far, the coalition has raised $253,000 in donations, $138,000 in pledges, $555,000 in challenge grants and $10 million in public fund requests (click here to see current progress). But they only have until March 15 to raise additional pledges and support. Let’s help them reach the finish line!


  • Make a donation to Save Bonanza Flats by clicking here. All donations through this site will go directly to the protection of Bonanza Flats. If the coalition is unsuccessful, you will receive your donation back. Calling on residents of Park City, Heber, Midway, Salt Lake City and Sandy, plus Wasatch recreation enthusiasts of all kinds to help protect this irreplaceable and quickly disappearing open land.




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