Protect survivor confidentiality across Utah college campuses!

February 26th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

HB 251: Campus Advocate Confidentiality Amendments (Rep. Angela Romero)

HB 215 is a big step forward for victims of sexual, domestic and dating violence on college campuses in Utah by prohibiting the disclosure of confidential communications related to advocacy services at an institution of higher education. In other words, this bill would guarantee confidentiality to victims reporting these crimes and seeking advocacy services and resources on college campuses.

Legal confidentiality is provided for discussion with lawyers, psychiatrists, and priests. However, victims and survivors of sexual, domestic, and dating violence are currently not guaranteed confidentiality when reporting such incidents to an on-campus certified advocate in the state of Utah. Let’s help change this!

HB 251: Campus Advocate Confidentiality Amendments will go up for a vote in the Utah House Monday, Feb 27, after 10AM.


  • Contact your state representative to vote in favor of this bill BEFORE 10AM ON MONDAY, February 27. Let your friends know and ask them to do the same. Find your state representative contact information here.

Use one of this email subject header:

“I LIVE IN YOUR DISTRICT – Please support HB 251: Campus Advocate Confidentiality Amendments.”

Talking Points:

  • Victims and survivors should be guaranteed confidentiality when seeking on-campus advocacy services
  • The lack of confidentiality on campus has resulted in seriously low reporting rates of incidents and the subsequent request of services (88.2% of rapes in Utah are not reported to law enforcement)
  • Since students spend so much of their time on campus—studying, working, and living—we must make such services and guarantees readily available to them

Additional Information

Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s (UCASA) issue brief on HB 251

UCASA’s Legislative Action Center for HB 251

Link to HB 251

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