Get diaper changing facilities installed in Utah’s public buildings

On Wednesday morning the House Business and Labor Committee will hold a public hearing on a good little bill, HB 303: State Building Amendments, which requires the installation of diaper changing facilities in new and renovated government owned and political buildings.
HB 303 will be heard by the HSTBUS Committee Wednesday, March 1 at 8:00am, 445 State Capitol Building, agenda item #1.


  • Testify at the public hearing Wednesday morning – Have you or has anyone you know been inside any public building in Utah and not able to find an adequate place to change your little one? Are you willing to come testify about your experience on Wednesday morning? Please contact us!
  • Contact the members of the HSTBUS Committee (emails and phone numbers below), particularly around 7pm this evening when legislators are more likely to be checking email. Ask them to support HB 303: State Building Amendments using a brief, personalized explanation of why you support the legislation. Don’t forget to mention if you are a constituent.
  • Contact your own state Representative and ask them to support HB 303: State Building Amendments. Find your state representative’s contact info here. Include a brief, personalized explanation of why you support the legislation, and be sure to mention that you are a constituent!
Use one of the following email subject headers: 
“Please support HB303: State Building Amendments”
“FROM CONSTITUENT – Please support HB303: State Building Amendments”
Talking points:
– This bill will place diaper changing stations in both men’s and women’s restrooms when there is new construction or renovations
– Lack of proper diaper changing facilities forces families and caregivers to change diapers on the floor or sink of a public restroom, which is not only unpleasant, it’s unhygienic
– Utah is a state that prides itself on family values. Part of the valuing the family means making government buildings safe and healthy spaces for children
– HB303 is an easy fix for a problem that impacts a large number of parents and caregivers
– Include your ZIP CODE or DISTRICT
Members of the House Business and Labor Standing Committee: 

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