TODAY: Support these 3 bills to grow voter participation and tackle redistricting

Do you care about ensuring greater voter participation and making it easier to tackle our redistricting problem in Utah? Great! We have three great bills you can support today!


1. HB 349 – Ranked Choice Voting (Rep. Chavez-Houck sponsor)

This great non-partisan bill enables a voter to rank choices for candidates as first, second, third and so forth, rather than being required to vote for only one candidate for an office.  This method of voting encourages greater voter participation, more civility (if a candidate has to appeal to more than just their base), and results in less taxpayer cost. For more information, click here.

  • Contact your state Representative and Senator and ask them to support “HB 349: Ranked Choice Voting” for all Utahns! Find your state representatives here.

2. HB 403 – Electronic Signature on Petitions (Rep. Chavez-Houck sponsor)

This great, non-partisan bill allows a voter to sign certain petitions with an electronic signature, which allows for greater citizen involvement in government and will make it easier for citizens to gather the necessary signatures for ballot initiatives.
  • Contact your state Representative and Senator and ask them to support “HB 403: Electronic Signature on Petitions” for all Utahns!
3. HB 411 – Redistricting Amendments (Rep. Chavez-Houck sponsor)
HB 411 would create an independent redistricting commission to be in charge of drawing district lines for state and federal districts in Utah and establishes certain guidelines to be used in the drawing of the districts. Because this bill would take redistricting out of the hands of the legislature, it is an uphill battle to get this passed.  Nonetheless, we should contact our representatives and let them know that we are paying attention and we want fair redistricting.
  • Contact your state Representative and Senator and ask them to support “HB 411: Redistricting Amendments” for all Utahns!

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