Hold Chaffetz accountable for voting NOT to investigate Trump

March 1st, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee heard and debated Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s Resolution of Inquiry, which requested Trump’s tax returns and documents from the Department of Justice to evaluate them for any conflicts of interest, ties to the Russian government and constitutional breaches. Rep. Nadler presented a petition with 850,000 signatures from the public to show the committee what broad public support the resolution had from around the nation. A line reached out the door and around the corner for public wanting to sit in on the hearing, and people admitted into the audience waited all day until the committee finally heard the resolution in the late afternoon.

After a healthy debate and the failure of two good amendments, the final vote was held, and the resolution failed to pass after a vote that was split along party lines.

Both sides of the aisle flung accusations of partisanship at each other during the debate. But only the GOP members of the committee prevented the entire country from the ability to rest at ease that our democracy and our President have not been compromised by a foreign entity. Among those was our very own Jason Chaffetz. Let’s hold him accountable for his vote against Nadler’s Resolution of Inquiry last night.


  • CONSTITUENTS OF JASON CHAFFETZ – Contact Chaffetz and let him know how you, his constituents, feel about turning a blind eye on Trump and his team despite numerous indications about ties to the Russian government, the documented Russian hacking of the 2016 election and Trump’s obvious conflicts of interest. Be sure to let his staff know you are a constituent. If you get voicemail, be sure to leave your name and address to make sure your call is counted.
  • All other Utahns, contact Chaffetz and let him know that he has let Utah down by placing partisanship over our national security.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT03) – D.C. (202) 225-7751, UT (801) 851-2500


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