Jeff Sessions lied? Now our Senators must defend our democracy

March 2nd, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

Last night we learned that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath when he stated he had never met with met with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign. Justice Department sources revealed that Sessions had in fact met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at least twice. Lying under oath

The ACLU has called for a full investigation into whether Sessions perjured himself. ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero put out this statement:

“Jeff Sessions took an oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and it is now clear that he broke that oath in his confirmation hearing. If senators of both parties allow an attorney general nominee to plainly lie under oath with no repercussions, they will render our government’s cabinet confirmation process no more than kabuki theater. This matter must not and cannot be seen as a partisan issue, as it goes to the heart of the credibility of our democracy. The American people deserve a full investigation into whether Sessions perjured himself and if he is indeed fit to serve as our nation’s highest law enforcement official. No one is above the law — certainly not those sworn to uphold it.”

Top ranking Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Peolosi have called for Sessions to resign. Top ranking Republicans have have called for Sessions to recuse himself from the FBI investigations into Russian interference with the 2016 election. Schumer has even called on the DOJ’s inspector general to investigate Sessions to determine if his contacts with Russia have already compromised the inquiry.

Sessions himself has said that he misspoke during his hearing. A spokeswoman for Sessions has now confirmed that the meetings took place, but provided a statement from the attorney general saying they were not related to the election campaign and insisted there was “nothing misleading” about his answer to Congress. Sessions has not yet offered to clarify his testimony, despite calls from Al Franken and others to clarify his remarks under oath to the judiciary committee.

Our own Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee has joined the call for Sessions to recuse himself and clarify his testimony. Now our Senators need to join the call.


  • Contact Senators Hatch and Lee TODAY and ask them to put country above party by demanding 1) a special prosecutor at the Justice Department, 2) an independent Select Committee to investigate Russian interference in the election and 3) an investigation into whether or not Sessions perjured himself. These are basic safeguards to our democracy.

Senator Orrin Hatch – D.C. (202) 224-5251, UT (435) 586-8435
Senator Mike Lee – D.C. (202) 224-5444, UT (801) 392-9633

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