URGENT: Let’s get Affordable Housing funded (HB 36)!

Action Utah began the state legislative session by supporting HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments, sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Becky Edwards (R) and in the Senate by Sen. Todd Weiler (R). We have supported the bill through both houses of Congress and now we need to see it to the finish line! At this time HB 36 is NOT funded at the $10M amount requested by the Lt Governors Tax Force and Rep. Edwards. Legislators are all weighing in on their pet projects, and the appropriations committee needs to hear from us all week long to get the necessary funding for affordable housing.

What is HB 36? This bill modifies provisions related to housing and community development. It creates an Economic Revitalization and Investment Fund, establishes requirements for the distribution of money from the fund and modifies state low-income housing tax credit provisions. Overall, this bill will have a huge impact on the lives of many low-income Utahns by providing more affordable housing to fill the 40,000-unit affordable housing gap.


  • The Executive Appropriations Committee needs to hear from you! Email the committee members (email addresses below) to request PRIORITIZATION and FULL FUNDING for HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments at the $10 million request. Let the committee members know Utah cares about affordable housing.

Suggestions for Email Subject Line:

HB 36 Affordable Housing is important
Affordable Housing – Please Fully fund HB36
HB 36 Affordable Housing is the foundation to one’s stability

Suggestions on messaging:

Write a brief message of one to two sentences and end with the request to fully fund HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments. Please use your own experience to explain why affordable housing matters to you.

  • Children need a place to call home, a place to go home to do homework and have dinner.
  • Stable housing has been shown to improve the health and educational outcomes of children.
  • Statistically we are lacking over 40,000 units that are available to our working families.
  • 88% of household that are making $10/hr are paying more than 30% of their income to housing.
  • 72% of households that are making $ 10/hr are paying more than 50% of their income to housing.
  • We need housing inventory for all Utahns.

Executive Appropriations Committee:

Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson (R), Senate Chair jwstevenson@le.utah.gov, Layton
Rep. Dean Sanpei (R), House Chair dsanpei@le.utah.gov, Provo
Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell (R), Senate Vice Chair kvantassell@le.utah.gov, Vernal
Rep. Bradley G. Last (R), House Vice Chair blast@le.utah.gov  Hurricane
Sen. J. Stuart Adams (R), jsadams@le.utah.gov, Layton
Sen. Gene Davis (D), gdavis@le.utah.gov, Salt Lake City
Sen. Luz Escamilla (D), lescamilla@le.utah.gov, Salt Lake City
Sen. Jani Iwamoto (D), jiwamoto@le.utah.gov, Salt Lake City
Sen. Peter C. Knudson (R), pknudson@le.utah.gov, Brigham City
Sen. Karen Mayne (D), kmayne@le.utah.gov, West Valley City
Sen. Wayne L. Niederhauser (R), wniederhauser@le.utah.gov, Sandy
Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R), rokerlund@le.utah.gov, Monroe
Rep. Joel K. Briscoe (D), jbriscoe@le.utah.gov Salt Lake City
Rep. Francis D. Gibson (R), fgibson@le.utah.gov, Mapleton
Rep. Sandra Hollins (D), shollins@le.utah.gov  Salt Lake City
Rep. Gregory H. Hughes (R), greghughes@le.utah.gov Salt Lake City
Rep. Brian S. King (D), briansking@le.utah.gov, Salt Lake City
Rep. John Knotwell (R)  jknotwell@le.utah.gov Herriman
Rep. Angela Romero (D) (online form http://house.utah.gov/rep/ROMERAY) Salt Lake City
Rep. Brad R. Wilson (R), bradwilson@le.utah.gov Layton

Executive Appropriations Committee email list:

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