Support this GOOD BILL for juvenile justice reform (HB239)!

HB 239: Juvenile Justice Amendments is a solid juvenile justice reform bill that would make important changes to our current system, which takes hundreds of kids out of their homes every year as “punishment” for low-level misconduct like truancy (missing school!), having alcohol or drug paraphernalia, trespassing and shoplifting. This is very expensive, very ineffective and very bad for Utah youth and families.

This bill is ALMOST through the entire legislative process. All that is left is a full vote on the floor of the Utah Senate. We expect that to happen sometime TODAY.


  • Please contact your State Senator IMMEDIATELY and ask them to “Vote YES on HB239 Juvenile Justice Reforms”! This bill will bring much needed structure to juvenile sentencing, ensure that kids aren’t locked up just because they can’t afford fines/fees/restitutions, and create incentives for getting kids out of the system FASTER, with BETTER OUTCOMES. Click here to find the name and contact information for your state senator.

Use email subject header:

From CONSTITUENT: Please vote YES on HB 239: Juvenile Justice Reforms

NOTE: Just because your State Senator is a Democrat, doesn’t mean they know to vote YES on this bill. Take the time to contact your Senator, no matter which party they belong to!


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