WE NEED YOU TODAY! Funding pulled for affordable housing – unless we stop it!

Dear friends, we need your help! Utah’s groundbreaking bipartisan affordable housing bill, HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments, is in serious danger. This bill, which provides affordable housing to some of the 50,000 working Utahns who lack affordable housing, has just had its funding slashed to 1/3rd of the $10 million that was requested by sponsors Rep. Becky Edwards and Sen. Todd Weiler. This would be catastrophic to this bill, as the need for access to affordable housing has never been greater in our state.

These last two days of the session, the legislators are being bombarded with so many requests from paid lobbyists. We need YOU to lobby for Utahns who are without affordable housing, and immediately ask the executive appropriations committee to restore the full funding to this bill! Please join us TODAY on the Hill, outside the House and Senate floor, to send in notes to our representatives asking them to restore funding. If you, or anyone you know, has struggled with finding a quality affordable place to rent, please share your story! Help this bill get the funding it needs to move more families, children and individuals off the street, out of motels and substandard housing and into truly safe and affordable housing!


  • Join us for community lobbying on Capitol Hill TODAY starting at 10AM to lobby for affordable housing funds! If you can join us, please contact us here.
  • Email the members of the Executive Appropriations Committee ASAP and tell them why affordable housing is needed in Utah, why it matters to you and why they should grant the full $10 million to support HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments.

The ask is to fully fund HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments. At the $10 Million request.

Suggestion for Subject Line: 

HB 36 Affordable Housing is important
Affordable Housing – Please Fully fund HB36
HB 36 Affordable Housing is the foundation to one’s stability

Suggestions on messaging:

One to two sentences and end with the request to fully fund HB 36 Affordable Housing Amendments for $10 million

  • Use your own experience
  • Children need a place to call home, a place to go home to do homework and have dinner.
  • Statistically we are down over 40,000 units that are available to our working families.
  • 88% of household that are making $10/hr are paying more than 30% of their income to housing.
  • 72% of households that are making $ 10/hr are paying more than 50% of their income to housing.
  • We need housing inventory for all Utahns
  • Studies show that affordable housing not only decreases homelessness but also decreases childhood visits to the emergency room and absences in school. So affordable housing doesn’t just help solve homelessness, it creates healthier and smarter Utah kids!
  • Affordable housing has been shown to reduce crime and increase property values in certain areas

Executive Appropriations Committee:

Executive Appropriations Committee email list:

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