URGENT: Ask Rep. Chris Stewart to ask tough questions about Russia THIS MORNING

March 20th, 2017|URGENT Action|1 Comment

Ask Congressman Chris Stewart to investigate Russia, for real, THIS MORNING!

Rep. Stewart is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, which will be holding an open hearing THIS MORNING starting at 8:00-11:00a MST. This will be the first time FBI Director James B. Comey and Adm. Mike Rogers, director of the NSA, will testify since Trump’s inauguration. They will cover questions about Russian interference in the 2016 election as well as the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. Republicans may play politics and focus on White House leaks as the problem, or they may dare to cross the White House and ask about real national security concerns. Which line of questioning do you want to see Rep. Stewart take?


  • Constituents — Call Rep Stewart’s office FIRST THING THIS MORNING to let him know you want him to put national security over partisan politics. Make sure he asks the hard questions and truly investigates Russia on our behalf. Not sure what questions you’d like Stewart to ask? Check out this NY Times article, “What to Ask About Russian Hacking” for some ideas. The hearing begins at 8:00am MST this morning, but the investigation will not end there. If you don’t get a chance to call before the hearing begins, there is still time to ask Rep. Stewart to dig deep on Russia!
  • Anyone – watch the open hearing live streamed here. And read this Washington Post article, “Five things to Watch at the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia Hearing” so you know what to watch for.

Rep. Chris Stewart (D-02): 202-225-9730 (DC), 801-364-5550 (SLC), 435-627-1500 (St. George)


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  1. jeanne eakland March 20, 2017 at 6:34 am

    will call asap

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