We helped get HB 11 vetoed: Now let’s apply for state boards and commissions!

March 31st, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

We are thrilled that Governor Herbert vetoed HB 11 – a bad bill that would have removed the requirement for partisan diversity on many state boards and commissions.

But, as a recent Salt Lake Tribune Editorial explains, that means we need to step up and do our part by applying to these boards and commissions.  State boards and commissions serve very important advisory roles to our elected officials, giving them expert background and recommendations on issues that affect our everyday lives here in Utah.  Some of them require special expertise and involve different time commitments. Take a look at the list of Utah State Boards and Commissions here and consider applying! We can each do our part to effect change in our communities, and this is a great place to start!


  •  Apply for a board position! All open positions for state boards are listed here on the state boards website, along with links for how to apply. There are 340 boards total, including the 29 that would have been impacted by HB 11 (listed below). PLEASE NOTE: several positions on these 29 boards are expiring and need to be refilled. APPLY TODAY!
  • Refer someone else who you think could make a great applicant for a state board by sharing this post with them today!

8 of the boards that would have been effected by HB 11 have authority over partisan issues including Environmental Quality, Drinking Water, Water Quality, Health Advisory Council (UT Health Code), Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, Labor Code, Oil/Gas/Mining, Proposed Energy Producers States Agreement (Federal regulations for EPA, Endangered Species, federal access lands issue). Here is the website for the Utah State Boards & Commissions listing all the boards and their authority. The boards that would have been affected by HB 11 include:

  • Air Quality Board – 5 positions expiring!
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission – 1 position expiring!
  • Board of Business and Economic Development – 6 positions expiring!
  • Board of Aging and Adult Services – 6 positions expiring!
  • Board of Financial Institutions – 2 positions expiring (1 in July)!
  • Board of Oil, Gas, and Mining – 4 positions expiring!
  • Board of Parks and Recreation – 6 positions expiring in July!
  • Board of Tourism Development – 5 positions expiring in June!
  • Board of The Utah Geological Survey – 4 positions expiring!
  • Board of Water Resources – 4 positions expiring in 2019!
  • Committee of Consumer Services – 1 position expiring!
  • Drinking Water Board – 4 positions expiring in May!
  • Utah Health Advisory Council – all positions expiring in 2020!
  • Health Data Committee – 7 positions expiring in 2018!
  • Labor Commission Appeals Board – 1 position expiring!
  • Livestock Market Committee – contact the Dept. of Agriculture & Food
  • Merit Commission – by county
  • Passenger Ropeway Safety Committee – 1 position expiring!
  • Public Utilities Public Service Commission – 1 position expiring 2019!
  • Quality Growth Commission – 9 positions expiring!
  • State Money Management Council – 3 positions expiring!
  • Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism – 3 positions expiring!
  • Workforce Services Appeals Board – 1 position expiring!
  • Utah Housing Corporation – 3 positions expiring in May!
  • Utah State Scenic Byway Committee – 2 positions expiring in September!
  • Waste Management and Radiation Control Board – 4 positions expiring in August!
  • Water Quality Board – 4 positions expiring!

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