THIS MORNING! Help Draper woman from getting deported at 9:30a TODAY!

April 6th, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

We have an URGENT situation on our hands — let’s do what we can!

There is a woman originally from Colombia, living now in Draper, who has been ordered by ICE to leave the country by today, April 6th. She is a single mother and is the sole caretaker for her disabled son, who is a US citizen. She also cares for her 86-year-old mother who is also a US citizen.  Her attorney is out of the country on vacation and when she called his office, they would not give her any contact information. ICE denied her request for a stay of removal, refusing to give her an answer as to why and saying only that their “priorities had changed.” She has been working toward legal status for years and is desperate. I spoke with this good woman on the phone at length today. I also spoke with Teresa’s Mormon bishop who happened to be at her house when I called. He vouched for Teresa’s character (wonderful, loving mother, hard-working, exemplary in every way) and confirmed that her son, Jeffrey, is not able to care for himself or live on his own.

Mormon Women for Ethical Government has taken up the cause. They have consulted with numerous immigration attorneys and other experts and were finally able to get through to Senator Hatch’s director of constituent services, Sharon Garn, who has promised to do what she can to pressure ICE into issuing a temporary extension to Teresa. The problem is that Teresa’s flight for Colombia leaves at 11:00AM THIS MORNING, which means that she needs to be at the airport by 9:00 or 9:30. ICE does not open until 8:00, and so it’s going to be a real nail biter.


  • Here is the plan: we will meet at 9:30AM at the SLC airport (Terminal 2, lower level, by the baggage claim) in solidarity with Teresa and in protest of the unethical actions of ICE (tearing apart families, targeting mothers/fathers, etc.–the low-hanging fruit, so to speak). We will also hold a press conference.

Please come! And encourage family and friends to come! Anyone and everyone is welcome.

It will be a completely peaceful gathering–no shouting, no vitriol of any kind. We are committed to absolute civility in word and action.

Thank you to Mormon Women for Ethical Government and SL Indivisible for standing up for Teresa!

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