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Action Utah was born after the election of 2016 as a small email list for concerned community members seeking to become more engaged in the issues. Utahns from both sides of the aisle realized that they had lost their voice in shaping the state and national policies that impact their daily lives. Studies show that a very few people on the far right and far left dominate the debate and policymaking on behalf of all Utahns, but do not accurately represent the views of a majority of Utah voters.

But at Action Utah we had a vision. We knew that giving Utahns a voice in policymaking could improve people’s lives and build stronger communities. Democratic representation only benefits from the interest and involvement of the people, and political representatives benefit from hearing what their constituents want and need. We saw during the State legislative session how ordinary Utahns speaking up has the power to impact policy decisions.

We also saw that bringing people together from different political affiliations in a non-partisan way creates the opportunity to find common ground and allow more people’s views to be represented on the issues. That’s why Action Utah’s leadership and membership includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents and others. That’s why we were recently highlighted in this The American Singularity column by top political strategist, Reed Galen, for working to create significant and needed change in politics from the ground up. That’s why we’ve grown 500% since our inception with new members joining us each week.

Action Utah co-founder, Katie Lieberman, at a Utah Nonprofits Association conference — always hard at work improving Action Utah for our members!

Making Action Utah accessible to you

In Democracy, people matter — all people. So we’re working hard to bring the issues right to you, along with vetted information and easy calls to action that anyone can do. We reach ordinary people across Utah via:

  • Our website: bookmark our Take Action! page to see our weekly, daily and urgent calls to action, our Petitions, Petitions! page to find an updated list of petitions on a range of issues from across the country, and our Calendar page to find out what important events are on the horizon here in Utah.
  • Our emails: subscribe to our email list here to receive a weekly set of actions you can take, delivered right to your inbox.
  • Social media: Find us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see our weekly, daily and urgent calls to action, plus important articles and resources to keep you informed about the issues.
  • In person events: we invite community members to come together each quarter to learn different ways to impact the issues, meet other engaged community members and learn about our political system. Scroll down to learn about our great events coming up this spring.

What we’re working on

Action Utah worked hard during the state legislative session to affect policies that matter to ordinary Utahns. Our work has not slowed since the legislative session ended, and we continue full steam ahead on a series of legislative and educational initiatives in the following issue areas:Families and communities – policies that impact the overall safety, wellbeing and education of the Utah population, that promote harmony between neighbors and understanding between all

Environmental Stewardship – policies that enable us to take care of the beauty and resources of our great state, to maintain a healthy living environment for our people and to honor our culture and heritage, good economic practices and our recreational activities

Public Health – policies that better our society both medically and economically by providing care for all community members, including prevention, services, medication and treatments that save and improve individual lives and benefit the community as a whole

Government – policies that improve accountability, ethics, accessibility, representation and transparency of government to protect our Democracy and make it as robust and vibrant as ever

Congratulations to Action Utah Issue Captain, Kate Ferguson, for getting her letter to the editor published in the Deseret News last week! 

Find a project that fits for you

Action Utah is building teams to tackle all sorts of important issues. Find a project that matters to you and learn about ways you can make a difference by attending our Action Utah VOLUNTEER! meeting this Sunday at Pizza NoNo, SLC (5:00 – 6:30p) or our quarterly meeting “Elections, Candidates and Delegates, and Finding Your Political Voice” on May 2 at the University of Utah’s Old Moot Courtroom in SLC (7:00 – 8:30p) or streaming live on our Facebook page. We are seeking volunteers and team members to impact the issues by:

  • Taking and sharing actions
  • Joining our phone tree
  • Writing and editing letters and op-eds
  • Conducting research
  • Marketing and growing our reach
  • Developing our app
  • Meeting with city, county, state and federal representatives
  • Heading up a team of volunteers
  • Spreading the word about Action Utah

At Action Utah we remain committed to helping you get involved, find your activist voice and speak up in order to build stronger communities in our great state.

Check our Calendar for lots of great events happening this week around Utah, including:


This week we’re asking ordinary Utahns to find ways to get more involved in the issues that matter to you.

1. Use recess wisely – learn how to access your representatives. Congress is on a working recess this week. While the House and Senate are not in session, use this week to learn about ways you can access your federal, state, city and county representatives and what tools exist to help you engage policymaking at any level of government. Click here for more information.

2. Mark your calendars for an upcoming Action Utah event! Getting ordinary Utahns informed and involved is our number one mission. Plan to attend at least one of the following events in person or via streaming video on our Facebook page.

  • Sun. April 23, 5:00-6:30p – AU VOLUNTEER! Meeting, Pizza Nono, Salt Lake – Interested in becoming more involved with Action Utah? Come find out what exciting initiatives we are working on at Action Utah this year and how you can help. We have many volunteer opportunities for passionate individuals who can commit a small amount of time every week to helping others learn about and engage in state and national issues. This is an informational and volunteer sign up session. Click here to RSVP.
  • Tues. May 2, 7:00p-8:30 – AU Community Meeting: “Elections, Candidates and Delegates, and Finding Your Political Voice”, University of Utah’s Old Moot Courtroom (Bldg 73, Rm 110), 332 South 1400 East, Salt Lake – Action Utah continues to keep you informed and engaged! Our next community meeting features excellent presenters who will teach us how our elections system works in Utah, how to become a candidate at any level of government, how to become a delegate and how to find your political voice in your community activism or candidacy. All Utahns welcome! With Pat Jones (CEO of Women’s Leadership Institute and former state legislator), Holly Richardson (writer, activist and former state legislator) and others. RSVP by email or Facebook.
  • Wed. May 17, 12:00 – 1:00p – Action Utah’s “Community Lobbying 102: Interim Intro to the State Legislature”, State Capitol, Salt Lake – Did you know that Utah State Legislators meet at the State Capitol every third Wednesday throughout the year after the state legislative session is over? This is called Interim Session. Action Utah will introduce interested community members to the state legislative process, the legislative session, interim and the state legislative website during the May Interim Session day. Featuring Tara Rollins, Executive Director of the Utah Housing Coalition. This is a great way to improve your community lobbying skills, whether you are taking actions from home or on the Hill. Meet at the fountain in the central courtyard. RSVP here.
  • Upcoming – Action Utah Community Meeting: “Becoming Candidates and Delegates and Finding Your Political Voice”, Utah County – For any community members in Utah County and nearby interested in learning more about our state political system, how to become a candidate or delegate in Utah and how to find your voice in activism and/or candidacy. With Holly Richardson (writer, activist and former state legislator). More info to come! Please contact us if you’d like to be alerted about this event.

3. Make an activism plan. Community involvement can become a normal part of your daily, weekly or habitual life, just like exercise, reading or other extracurricular activities. But for activism to become habitual, you must first make a plan for how activism can fit into your life.

  • Check out My Civic Workout, designed to help you grow and maintain your activism muscles and make activism a habitual part of your life.
  • Create an activism plan by using this worksheet by Americans of Conscience.

4. Tell a friend about Action Utah. Share the resources we put out. Share our calls to action. Talk to people you know around the state who want to be doing more to impact their communities and the policies that affect their everyday lives and let them know how Action Utah can help. Bonus points for those who report back to us about your success in spreading the word.

Get in touch with us!

Action Utah is a group of ordinary community members just like you. We love hearing about issues that matter to you, about upcoming events you’re interested in and about happenings around Utah. We love your pictures showing ways you are getting involved in the issues. Whether it be writing letters, attending marches, making calls or drafting legislation — let us know what you’re up to! Simply email us here or send us a message on Facebook.

Andrea & Katie
Co-Founders, Action Utah

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