IMMIGRATION ALERT! Protest TOMORROW for West Valley woman slated for deportation


Utahns, it was just weeks ago that we rallied together to protest the deportation of Teresa (pseudonym “Isabel”) from Draper to Colombia, forced to leave behind her disabled son and the elderly mother she cared for. Now a woman from West Valley, Silvia, has been ripped from her family, apprehended and slated for imminent deportation.


  • Join us in West Valley 10:00a TOMORROW for a (primarily silent) vigil and press conference to protest unethical and immoral deportations in Utah and across the country. Wear purple as a symbol of our solidarity against practices that tear Utah families apart and fail to make our communities safer in the process. Bring protest signs that tell the media and ICE how you feel about deportations in our communities.

Silvia and her two year old baby, who have been separated by this deportation

WHERE: Homeland Security office, 2975 Decker Lake Drive, West Valley City. There is a UTA bus stop nearby.  This is where the woman was first detained.
WHEN: 10:00AM Wednesday, May 3
DETAILS: Wear purple as a symbol of our solidarity against practices that tear Utah families apart and fail to make our communities safer in the process. Please bring appropriate, tasteful signs emphasizing families, our community/state values, not tearing families apart, the need for ethical and humane immigration practices, etc.

Silvia’s story

Silvia came to Utah as a child in 1993 along with her two sisters. All three have lived here, graduated, have social security numbers, have worked and paid taxes. One of the sisters is registered under the DACA program, and showed up faithfully every year to check in with ICE. None of the sisters has a criminal record.

Silvia’s three children, left behind along with their (legal resident) father in West Valley when Silvia was detained Friday

Silvia is a devout Mormon with a solid LDS family (her father is currently serving as a bishop in Mexico). She has three children, including a 2-YEAR OLD BABY. Her husband is a legal resident who filed a form I-130 for his wife in 2012 to petition for her to immigrate. The petition has been moving positively forward in the filing process, and according to the husband, was due for final approval within the next few months. The family is trying to file for DACA status for the woman, who is eligible like her sister, but sources say it may be too late.

On Friday morning, the woman was parking at Michael’s on an errand with her 8-year old daughter to purchase supplies for her nephew’s birthday party when ICE officials approached and detained her. No explanation was given for her apprehension. Her husband was called in to retrieve their daughter. The family has been working with an immigration lawyer who was unavailable at the time of the detention.

As of Monday, the woman was told that she had been detained for missing a meeting with immigration officials scheduled for three days prior to her detention. However, the woman and her husband had received no notice of such a meeting by phone, mail or email, and ICE officials have shown them no proof that such a meeting was scheduled. Nevertheless, the woman is being prepped for deportation.

Action Utah is working closely with Mormon Women for Ethical Government and Salt Lake Indivisible to follow this case and support the woman and her family. We are calling on community members to stand with us in protesting unethical deportations like this, which are ripping Utah families apart. Instead of making our communities safer, they are terrorizing our neighbors and friends. Rally together in solidarity tomorrow to show our state and our nation how Utahns feel about unethical and immoral immigration policies.

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  1. Victoria Sethunya May 2, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    No human being should be treated like this by a government. What a disgrace to destroy families for a living and what an utmost disgrace to have it happening in Utah.

    I hope we will unite to fight even for the return of those unfairly stripped from their families no matter how long and how much it takes.

  2. Nick May 3, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    You break the law you get sent back. It was ordered from a judge. I have no care for people breaking the laws of America. By by

  3. Wayne Bickley May 3, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    I can’t believe that we, as a country, are doing this. On the other hand Trump said this was his goal—along with taking healthcare from millions—and a majority of Utahns voted for him. So we as a state are also culpable. Now explain that to her children. I’m embarrassed to be a part of either.

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