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This morning Action Utah held a press conference and vigil with Mormon Women for Ethical Government and Salt Lake Indivisible to protest the detainment and potential deportation of Silvia, a West Valley woman who has been ripped from her family and slated for imminent deportation. Silvia is a law abiding, tax-paying, devout Mormon, who came to America when she was 7 and is eligible for DACA protection. Her husband is a legal resident who filed a form I-130 for his wife in 2012 to petition for her to immigrate. The petition has already been approved and Silvia is currently waiting for completion of her residency. However, on Friday Silvia was apprehended in the Michael’s parking lot in West Valley while shopping with her daughter.

Silvia’s family attended the press conference today and spoke about the heartbreak and anguish of having Silvia, a wife, mother and aunt, ripped from their lives. Silvia and her husband were high school sweethearts and have never been separated like this before. Their children are asking where their mother is and why she was taken away, but the husband has no good answers. The truth is, no one has good answers for why Silvia was picked up. No reason was given when she was detained. Later ICE said Silvia she had missed a meeting with immigration officials scheduled for three days prior to her detention. However, Silvia and her husband had received no notice of such a meeting by phone, mail or email, and ICE officials have shown them no proof that such a meeting was scheduled. Nevertheless, Silvia is being prepped for deportation.


  • Tune in to the Rod Arquette Show on 105.9FM, KNRS Talk Radio THIS EVENING. Rod Arquette followed today’s press conference and interviewed the organizers on his show to discuss current immigration policy. The show will air 4:00-7:00p today, but Silvia’s story will air at either 5:05p or 6:20p with an opportunity to call in with comments.
  • CALL IN WITH COMMENTS — BUT ONLY UNDER ONE CONDITION: Be respectful. Rod Arquette’s show is a conservative talk radio show. We ask that people call in ONLY if they have calm, respectful and thoughtful comments to make. This is NOT a forum for impassioned or highly partisan speech, nor to make attacks of ANY kind. Commentators must respect that other callers and other listeners may feel completely opposite from you on immigration issues. Reach out to them. Build bridges. This is a unique a delicate opportunity to listen to two sides of a debate and to articulate your thoughts in a reasoned and civil manner. Use good messaging that Rod’s audience can hear, including:

– Current immigration policies are against Utah family values because they tear families apart
– Current immigration policies fail to make our communities safer
– The human stories behind cases like Silvia’s matter, and they are tragic and heartbreaking
– Pursuing cases like this is a waste of money and resources

The call in number is (888) 570-8010, but note that the number only works when Rod is on the air.


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