Defend the U.S.’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate

On Saturday, 6 out of 7 of the G7 leaders made a statement reaffirming their “strong commitment” to the Paris climate agreement on climate change, signed in 2015 and ratified in 2016 by overwhelming world-wide commitment. Trump stood apart from other world leaders, refusing to pledge U.S. commitment to the 195-nation Paris accord on climate change. On Twitter Trump promised to make a decision on whether the U.S. would remain in the climate change accord this week upon his return from his trip abroad. Trump has privately confided that he plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, despite a divided White House and significant players tugging in both directions.

Significant economic benefits would come from working towards the goals of the Paris agreement, such as investments in infrastructure, the opportunity to move trillions of dollars of capital investment back into the economy, technological innovation and job creation. Plus, work on the Paris agreement means creating energy choice and energy freedom, reducing serious national security risks and producing the ability to generate one’s own electrical power, not to mention protecting the environment and human health.

Withdrawal from the agreement, on the other hand, poses a threat to the credibility of the U.S. and strains on diplomatic relations, damages our health and the health of our children and grand children and diminishes our ability to be a world leader of innovation and technology.  Take action TODAY to defend the Paris Agreement.


  • Call on our two U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative to stand up for the Paris Agreement. While you’re at it, ask your Representative to join the Climate Solutions Caucus! (Note: Rep. Mia Love is the only Utah congressional rep who is a member.)
  • Contact the White House to ask Trump to honor agreements with other nations, protect U.S. credibility, and serve the will of the majority of Americans by upholding the U.S.’s obligations in the Paris Agreement. Leave a comment with the White House here.
  • Call Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, to stand up by our duties in the Paris Agreement and to encourage Trump not to withdraw the U.S. from the agreement or from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the parent treaty of the Paris agreement. (202) 564-4700
  • Sign petitions. Sign this Climate Parents petition to your Congressman to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. Note: Rep. Mia Love is already a member. Sign this two-part Avaaz petition to all G7 leaders to pursue the Paris climate agreement regardless of what the U.S. does. Find these petitions and more on our Petitions, Petitions! page, updated daily.


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