Global issues overwhelming? Run for local office (filing deadlines coming up!)

June 2nd, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

While things happening on a global level can feel overwhelming, we can make a major difference by getting involved locally.

Did you know that there are municipal elections this year, in 2017?  And, it just so happens that the filing period for these elections – for city council, mayor, etc. – started yesterday June 1 and runs through close of business next Wednesday, June 7.

run for local office

Action Utah Issue Captain, Miriah Elliott, filing her candidacy for Ivins City Council. You can run for local office too!

It is incredibly easy to file — just fill out simple paperwork and pay a small fee.  Check out your city’s website or call the Lieutenant Governor’s office at 801-538-1041 for more information on who to contact in your city.

Let’s do this!

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