Why you should rally for health care on Saturday in SLC!

It’s been an interesting week for health-care policy in the U.S. If “states are the laboratory of democracy,” we can be cautiously optimistic about the future of America’s health care policy. California just passed a measure to create a state-run universal health-care system, and Nevada is preparing to allow those without health insurance to buy into the Medicaid program.

While the details of both programs are still unclear, we do know that California will model its program after the federal Medicare program, and that Nevada intends to extend a low-cost option for those who fall into the insurance gap.

As we continue to monitor the slow but inevitable death of the ACA, these state programs will be watched carefully: their success or failure in providing better coverage to more people will determine the trajectory of the rest of the nation.

Meanwhile, Utah senators are hard at work in their attempts to reduce and restructure funding for Medicaid and CHIP, while simultaneously threatening to eliminate protections for people with unattainable premiums due to pre-existing conditions. While we applaud and support the right of individual states to structure their health care systems in a manner that benefits their citizens, Utah legislators are not making progress to ensure all Utahns can access the care they need safely and affordably.

If the ACA is repealed and replaced and Utah adopts a plan that looks anything like the House AHCA, most Utahns will be negatively impacted, especially those already struggling to make ends meet, those suffering from debilitating illnesses, and those in desperate need of mental health treatment.

Did you know…

  • Over half of Utahns enrolled in the ACA are under age 34?
  • Utah has the highest percentage of children covered by the ACA?
  • Utah receives 70% of its Medicaid funding from the federal government?

We know that it is vitally important that the policy makers in Utah know that we care about what happens to our health care. The Healthier Utah Coalition is hosting the Unite for Healthcare Rally and March this Saturday, June 10th at 10:00a. The event begins with a march at 10:00a from City Creek Park to the Wallace Bennett Federal, Building (125 S State Street) for a rally at 11:00a. Be there to help send a message to our Senators to place good health care policy over partisan politics!


  1. Click here to RSVP that you will be attending the Unite for Healthcare Rally.
  2. Share the invitation with your network of friends and organizations.
  3. Attend the event!

Come make your voice heard about the future of health care. See you on Saturday!

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