Call on the Salt Lake County Council to chip in for Bonanza Flats

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams posted a plea on Facebook on Tuesday night, calling on all Salt Lake County residents to urge the Salt Lake County Council to save Bonanza Flats. Residents from Summit County and Weber County have already kicked in a significant cash contribution, and so have individual donors from across the state and a coalition of nine recreational, environmental and conservation non-profits from multiple counties. Salt Lake County residents have as much to gain as the other counties from protecting this important land from development, yet the county has yet to chip in for it, voting against the effort in March because the 1,350 acre parcel its own county residents use and love technically sits outside of county boundaries. The Salt Lake County Council will have one last chance to decide whether or not to contribute to the effort in their budget meeting NEXT WEEK.

The deadline to raise the final $4 million of the $38 million is JUNE 15TH! If Salt Lake County refuses to help, these beloved watershed lands right at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon will be developed into a gated community and private golf course.

Salt Lake County, ask your county council members to save this land from development and protect access and recreation for Salt Lake County residents and residents of the region TODAY.


  • Send a quick email using this tool from Save Our Canyons. Be sure to PERSONALIZE it by telling county council members why saving Bonanza Flats matters to you.
  • ALSO call your county council member AND the At-Large Council Members like Richard Snelgrove, who are elected to represent everyone regardless of district. Thank the council members who have voted in support of this effort already. Politely ask the council members and at-large members who voted against Bonanza Flats in the past to support contributing county funds to protecting Bonanza Flats.Find your council member by clicking here. Find out how county council members voted in the past by clicking here.
  • Make a contribution of any size to help save Bonanza Flats today by going to All contributions will be returned if the total amount is not raised by the deadline.

In Mayor McAdams’ words:

“Tell me what you think about developing a golf course and a gated community in our canyons watershed on Bonanza Flat? No! I hope to see Salt Lake County follow through with a contribution toward conservation of this critical land in the Wasatch as natural open space. It has been inspiring to witness numerous counties, cities, the Utah legislature, private sector and philanthropy to all rally together and contribute to preserve this land at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Supporters have raised most of the $38 million needed to preserve this land, but are still about $4 million short. Salt Lake County is considering participating, albeit with a relatively small contribution, by making a $1.5 million commitment from our recreation funds toward this acquisition that so many other counties and cities have already chipped in for. It would be a shame to see this critical 1,350 acre piece of the watershed and recreation land for Salt Lake County residents lost forever to develop a gated community and a private golf course at the top of Big Cottonwood canyon – this is literally what is planned if we don’t succeed with our conservation efforts by June 15 (next week!) The opponents to Salt Lake County’s contribution argue that while the parcel is connected to and accessed from Salt Lake County but nevertheless is on the other side of the county line in Wasatch County, we should not participate with any contribution at all to the land conservation (even though other adjacent cities and counties have all contributed). I disagree with that logic and believe there is immediate benefit to the residents of the Salt Lake Valley for recreation if we can conserve this land (a recent survey showed that most of the people who ski, hike, mountain bike and otherwise use this land for recreation are from Salt Lake County). This land is also part of the watershed for the Salt Lake Valley and conserving this land from development is key to preserving our water quality (imagine all the pollutants from fertilizer used on a golf course, chemicals to de-ice newly paved roads, and other all the other pollutions from a densely populated gated community that would flow into our Salt Lake County drinking water!) Seems like $1.5 million from Salt Lake County’s recreation funds to preserve a $38 million 1,350 acre parcel of watershed is a pretty good deal. Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts and please share this article and help raise awareness of the urgency of this conservation effort.

Learn more about Save Bonanza Flats here:

Let your county councilmember know you want to preserve this land (Councilmembers Jenny WilsonArlyn BradshawSam Granato and Jim Bradley are all solidly supportive already). Information on how to contact the others is here:…/act-today-stop-bonanza-flats-…/

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