Call now: health care replacement bill should be transparent

A small group of senators have been hard at work in secret meetings crafting the replacement for the Affordable Care Act throughout the many political distractions this month. Rumors abound that this replacement bill will include drastic cuts to Medicaid and maintain the bulk of the MacArthur amendment, which will allow insurance carriers to charge significantly increased premiums. Of course all of this is speculation and won’t be known until just before the bill goes up for a vote.

The latest news says that the committee writing the bill plans to keep it as quiet as possible prior to sending it to the Congressional Budget Office, where it will receive analysis to determine how much it will cost and how many people will have or lose coverage because of it.

Love or hate Obamacare, one thing to be said about the process was that it was very transparent. There were hundreds of hearings with opportunities for legislators to make amendments and changes throughout the process. Votes at every stage were held only after the Congressional Budget Office had provided scores on the legislation to allow legislators to understand the fiscal impact and scope of coverage. Although the bill passed Congress with little to no Republican support, Republicans and all stakeholders were permitted ample time to participate in the legislative process from start to finish for well over a year.

By contrast, watch this clip of Senator Claire McCaskill asking to participate in the process of the current Senate health care bill. This is not the way to design a health care plan that will impact 1/6th of the entire economy and every American who buys health insurance or gets insurance through their workplace.


Keep the pressure on the two Utah Senators who are involved in the decision to keep the Senate health care plan secret.

  • Call, email and text Senator Hatch and Senator Lee to let them know what you think about a top secret policy development that will impact your life!

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