Ask Governor Herbert to take a stand against the AHCA and Senate healthcare bill

Senate Republicans finally revealed their version of the House’s American Health Care Act, the ACA repeal plan passed by House Republicans in May. Both bills received poor scores by the non partisan Congressional Budget Office, which pointed to the millions of Americans who would lose health insurance altogether, millions more who would not be able to afford health insurance, millions more who would lose Medicaid coverage and millions more who would have their health care treatments, services and medications slashed. Particularly at risk are children, women, disabled people, people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly.

In Utah, the impacts of these bills is equally grim, particularly for the 25% of Utah children enrolled in the ACA and Utah’s large Medicaid recipient population. In addition, Trumpcare transfers significant health care burden onto the state without providing funding to address that burden.

What governors can do

Governors thus have a vested interest in opposing the AHCA and Trumpcare to preserve insurance coverage for residents of  their state. A bipartisan group of governors (Republican governors of Ohio, Nevada, and Massachusetts; Democrat governors from Pennsylvania, Montana, Louisiana and Colorado) have already signed a letter in opposition to congressional Republicans’ ACA efforts, calling for the Senate to take a bipartisan approach in fixing the nation’s healthcare system. Continued push back from governors against the AHCA and Senate bill is crucial to protecting healthcare for millions of Americans.


  • Call or write to Governor Gary Herbert R-UT to express your concerns about the AHCA, Senate bill and undemocratic process of rushing these bills through Congress without stakeholder input. Let Governor Herbert know that many Governors across party lines have signed onto a letter opposing the ACA repeal efforts and ask Governor Herbert to consider co-signing the letter as well to leave ACA in tact for the best interests of Utahns and our great state. Please remember to be respectful and courteous. If leaving a voicemail, be sure to leave your full street address to ensure your call gets tallied.

Gov. Gary Herbert (801) 538-1000 or leave an online comment here


  1. Shaina Runolfson June 29, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Dear Governor Herbert,

    I am extremely concerned about the passage of the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The bill cuts mental health and addiction services. Utah is struggling with an opioids epidemic. As a person with chronic pain, I know how dangerous opioids can be. I also know how important maintain good mental health is to someone who is at higher risk to become addicted. Getting rid of coverage for these services will be devastating for Utahns, including me. Please take a stand against the BCRA (AHCA) by co-signing a bipartisan letter asking congress to leave ACA intact.

    Please help Utahns like me struggling with their health, to stay healthy. Mental health is a huge part of that. Please stand up for a healthier Utah.

  2. Nancy Kramer June 30, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Please be a leader and have some integrity. The Republican health care bill is a disgrace to all of us. I was an English teacher for forty years and even though I can afford insurance, I feel appalled by the actions to rip health care away from those who need it most.

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