Last chance to speak up in defense of Medicaid in Utah from UDOH

The Utah Department of Health is proposing damaging changes to Utah’s Medicaid program that will cause many to lose coverage and have a harder time accessing care.  These changes include:

  • Time limits on enrollment for Primary Care Network (PCN) and adults without children. These populations will be limited to 60 months, even if they have a chronic condition or disability, even if they are working or caring for a child.
  • Work requirements for PCN enrollees. Failure to complete will mean an enrollee loses coverage.
  • Penalties for non-emergency use of the ER, and no additional case management or patient education to help enrollees.

While the penalty for non-emergency use of the ER will be relatively small, it will also be a deterrent for people experiencing life threatening conditions who should be seeking medical attention. A better option may be an educational component or crisis hotline to help Medicaid enrollees identify what situations constitute a visit to the ER.

With the county in an unprecedented opioid epidemic and a simultaneous housing and homelessness crisis, now is a poor time to cut aid to those who need it the most.  Luckily, the Department of Health is considering all public input, including at the public hearing THIS AFTERNOON.  Let your voice be heard.


  • Speak up at the public hearing TODAY at 3:00-5:00p, Utah Department of Health, Cannon Building. This is a final public comment period, and it is very important for people to come and share their stories. Even better, ask a friend or family member to join you and comment as well.
  • Call in and ask to make a public comment when appropriate. If you can’t make the public hearing in person, UDOH has provided a call in line at 1-877- 820-7831, passcode 313537#.
  • Submit a written comment online through UDOH’s public comment form until July 20th.

(Adapted from Voices for Utah Children)

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