Save public broadcasting in the federal budget

Yesterday the House Appropriations Subcommittee that sets public media funding levels passed a draft bill. We have both great news and bad news.

THE GOOD: The draft bill provided essential public media seed funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Victory!

THE BAD: Funding for public media’s Interconnection infrastructure was eliminated.

What does that mean?

Interconnection enables virtually every American to receive local station programming for free – reaching even the most rural parts of the U.S. The system allows your stations to distribute programming, as well as public safety, national alert, and warning communications.

If Interconnection funding is eliminated, it becomes nearly impossible for local stations to broadcast your favorite programs and important public safety communications to you.


  • Email your Members of Congress today to protect your connection with your stations. Use this link to start sending your emails now.
  • Tweet your support for #publicmedia funding to @senorrinhatch, @SenMikeLee and your representative (@RepRobBishop @RepChrisStewart or @RepMiaLove).
  • Join the Protect My Public Media Action Network. Are you a public media fan? Join here to find out how you can protect your stations and then recruit your friends to join too and advocate for public media together.


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