Join National Call-In Day to #SaveMedicaid

The CNN headline last night was “No one seems to know what the heck is going on with health care” even after the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) was declared dead earlier this week, along with a move for complete repeal, because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to pursue some form of ACA repeal regardless. Even Senators don’t know which of three options he is pursuing — the BCRA, repeal without replacement or the House’s deeply unpopular AHCA. And no one knows where McConnell is planning to find the votes for any of the above.

As the health care debate continues, Americans have become more educated about the Affordable Care Act and more opposed to the proposed alternatives, with 77% opposing ACA repeal at all or without a suitable replacement and 71% preferring a bipartisan solution to fix the ACA over any repeal and replace plan.

At the center of the repeal debate for Americans and legislators on both sides of the aisle are the enormous cuts to Medicaid.

All three GOP repeal/replace plans propose cuts and limits to Medicaid that would:

  • Leave millions across the country without health care
  • Drive up out-of-pocket health care costs for millions more Americans
  • Leave hospitals and states (that means you, the taxpayer) saddled unfairly with transferred health care costs
  • Stop hundreds of millions of federal dollars funded to the state each year for health care with no decreases in health care costs or increases in affordability of insurance

In Utah approximately 308,000 people, or 12 percent of the state’s population, rely on Medicaid for their health insurance. This includes hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities, kids, seniors, and pregnant women. Without Medicaid, most of these Utahns will have no access to affordable care or long-term care.


  • Join today’s National Call-In Day to #SaveMedicaid by asking Senators to #VoteNo next week on the motion to proceed and on any bill that kicks millions off of health care coverage and cuts Medicaid. Find out where our Senators stand on the proposed motion to proceed, which could come as soon as Monday. Thank them if they oppose the motion. If they are unsure or plan to support the motion, let them know why this decision disappoints you and why you hope they will change their mind and choose to protect their constituents who rely on Medicaid for their health and survival and also their constituents who will be left to pay the price via hospital shut downs, loss of federal funding and transfer of costs to the state.
  • Share this call to action on social media using hashtags #NoVote and #SaveMedicaid to ask your friends and family to stand up for Medicaid too.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (202) 224-5251 (DC) // (801) 524-4380 (SLC) // (801) 375-7881 (Provo) // (435) 634-1795 (St. George) // (801) 625-5672 (Ogden) // (435) 586-8435 (Cedar City)
Sen. Mike Lee 202-224-5444 (DC) // 801-524-5933 (SLC) // 435-628-5514 (St. George) // 801-392-9633 (Ogden)


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