Shine a light on important testimony on Russia

August 2nd, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Last week was one of the more crazy and tumultuous of the Trump administration, which is saying a lot. Highlights included:

  • GOP health care reform revival then failure
  • Trump’s proposed transgender ban in the military
  • Anthony Scaramucci’s splashy headlines

What we did not hear much about was Bill Browder’s poignant testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Russia, which one senator on that committee calling it one of the “most important” testimonies they have heard on the subject.

Some news sources have asserted that both the sudden and inexplicable transgender ban and the implosion of Scaramucci may have both been planned distractions from Browder’s impactful testimony. Whether the distraction was intentional or not, Browder’s testimony was significantly overshadowed by the chaos of the week. That’s why we need to shine a light on it.


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