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Did you know there are elections across Utah this year? This is your chance to impact who is determining policy at the local level all around you. Mayors, city council and special service district positions like water and parks & rec are all up for election in municipalities. Plus, Republican and unaffiliated constituents of Congressional District 3 will get to decide on the GOP candidate for Congress to fill Jason Chaffetz’ seat in an unusual special election that includes 2 petition candidates, including front runner John Curtis. (Check out yesterday’s CD-3 GOP debate here.)

The general election is not until Nov 7th, but PRIMARY ELECTIONS ARE COMING RIGHT UP ON AUGUST 15TH!

But some deadlines are TODAY. Here’s what you need to know in order to exercise the power of your vote in the primaries:

  • TODAY is the deadline to register to vote in person or online in order to vote in the 2017 primary municipal elections.
  • TODAY is the deadline to mail mail-in ballots for some municipalities (some municipalities have a mail-in deadline as late as August 14th – check with your municipality for your deadline).
  • August 15th (by the end of the voting day) is the deadline to drop off ballots.
  • Who can vote in the Congressional District 3 GOP primary? The CD-3 GOP primary is CLOSED, meaning only registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters registered at least 30 days before the election may vote. Unaffiliated voters must go directly to the polls on August 15th and register as Republicans there in order to cast a vote. (NOTE: Mail-in ballots were mailed to unaffiliated voters in CD-3 by mistake. A notice was sent out asking unaffiliated voters to surrender those ballots at the polls in order to be able to be able to vote in the GOP primary. However, some unaffiliated voters had already mailed in their ballots. Election officials have now decided to allow unaffiliated voters to vote at the polls regardless of whether they have already mailed in a ballot. Unaffiliated voters must have been registered to vote at least 30 days in advance of August 15th and must register as Republicans at the polls in order to vote.)
  • Who can vote in municipal and special service elections? Municipal and special service elections are always nonpartisan, and any registered voter living within the boundaries of a municipality may vote in that municipality’s primary and general elections.

What’s a primary? Primary elections are held when there are more than double the number of candidates for available elected positions. In Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, this year’s GOP primary includes a runoff for Republican candidate for Congress to fill Jason Chaffetz’ seat.

Utah has historically low voter turnout (especially amongst millenials), especially for municipal elections. That means BIG opportunity to impact policymaking. Voting is the single most potent way to make a difference in your community. But voting requires:

  1. Registering to vote
  2. Knowing when and how to vote
  3. Figuring out who you want to vote for

Action Utah has put together this handy, nonpartisan Voter Guide to help you find all the information you need to vote in the primaries.


  • If you haven’t already, register to vote! The deadline for registering to vote online or in person is August 8th to be eligible to vote in the primary municipal and special district elections.
  • Find out how/where/when to vote in your municipality by entering your address at This resource allows you to find your local election information based on your home address, including all your elected officials, sample ballots, candidate lists and links to register to vote.
  • Make a plan to vote and follow through with it. Figure out what time of day you plan to vote and how you will get to the polls (or to the mailbox, if you are planning to vote by mail). Vote as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss the deadline!
  • Check out this great video by the nonpartisan Voterise and SHARE it on social media!

Election information by county and city

Salt Lake County: Elections (County Clerk) and Filed Candidates
Salt Lake City: Elections and Candidates
Sandy: Elections/Candidates
West Valley City: Elections/Candidates
Utah County: Elections and List of City Recorders to contact for candidate information
Provo: Elections and Candidates
West Jordan: Elections/Candidates
Orem: Elections/Candidates
Davis County: Elections and Filed Candidates
Weber County: County Clerk/Auditor or Elections
Washington County: Election Information (Clerk/Auditor)
Cache County: Elections (Clerk/Auditor) and Candidate Information

Or enter your address in the state elections website at to find elections information for your municipality.

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