VOTE TODAY! (2017 Primary Election and CD-3 GOP Primary)

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Today is election day! VOTE.

Across Utah, municipalities and special service districts are holding primary elections to narrow down the candidate list for nonpartisan elected officials such as city mayors, city council, water, parks & rec, school board and more. This is your chance to exercise your right to vote — a central tenant in our democracy and the single best way to have a voice in policymaking that impacts your life and your community.

Who can vote in municipal primary and special service district primary elections?

All registered voters who reside in municipalities holding primaries may vote today at in-person polling places, unless they have already mailed in a ballot or participated in early voting (where available). Registered voters outside of municipality limits may not participate. Municipalities without at least double the number of candidates for the number of available positions will not hold primaries and will vote on candidates in the November 7th general election only. Find out if your municipality is holding an election and where/how to vote by entering your address online at or contacting your city or county clerk or recorder.

Congressional District 3 special election GOP primary

An unprecedented election is being held in Utah’s CD-3 to select a replacement for the U.S. House seat vacated prematurely by Jason Chaffetz. This will be the first special election to replace a member of Congress in the middle of a term since 1930, and the first GOP primary to boast not one but two petition candidates selected directly by voters instead of delegates, including front-runner John Curtis. It is widely know that the winner of today’s GOP primary is the most likely candidate to win the general election in November. That’s why every eligible voter who wants to vote today should know their voting rights and exercise them should they choose to do so.

Action Utah rallied yesterday with other nonpartisan organizations, Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG) and Salt Lake Indivisible, to educate voters, encourage civic  engagement and clear up confusion around who can vote.

Who can vote in the CD-3 GOP primary?

Republican primaries in Utah are closed, which means not everyone can vote. However, a majority of registered voters actually qualify to vote if they are residents of Congressional District 3 and are:

  • Voters who registered or affiliated as Republicans at least 30 days in advance of the election or
  • Unaffiliated registered voters, if they go to the polls in person with proper ID today and affiliate as Republican at that time

Clearing up confusion

Some unaffiliated registered voters received mail-in ballots by mistake in CD-3. These ballots WILL NOT COUNT in the CD-3 GOP primary, but any votes on these ballots for municipal elections WILL count. If you are a registered unaffiliated voter in CD-3 who would like to participate in the GOP primary, the only way to do so is to show up at the polls with proper ID today, affiliate as a Republican right then and there, and then cast your vote. Note: if you are a registered unaffiliated voter in CD-3 who already mailed in a ballot, your CD-3 vote on the ballot will not count, but YOU ARE STILL ELIGIBLE TO VOTE in the CD-3 GOP primary if you desire to affiliate as a Republican at the polls today.

Some Republican registered voters in CD-3 received ballots without an option to vote in the CD-3 GOP special election primary by mistake. If you are a Republican in CD-3 who was not able to vote on a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, please contact your municipal or county clerk immediately.

Some registered voters were falsely told they did not have an in-person polling location at all. However, all eligible voters have an in-person polling location for the CD-3 GOP primary. To find the polling location(s) you are eligible to vote at, please enter your address at or call your municipal or county clerk or recorder directly.

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