Support this great state bill for women’s health!

We are excited to introduce a terrific new bill we will be supporting for the upcoming State Legislatives Session!

Family Planning Services Amendments by Rep. Ray Ward (Bountiful – R)

This bill would make use of a Medicaid waiver to supply long-acting birth control for low-income women at a low cost to the state and help women and families climb out of poverty by preventing unintended pregnancies, abortions and miscarriages and significantly reducing healthcare costs to taxpayers. This bill wins on every level!

Utahns, you showered this bill with your enthusiasm on social media when it was first announced in July. Now it’s time to shower it with your support in a way that will meaningfully impact its prospects of getting passed AND fully funded.


  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper supporting this bill (15 min). Never written a letter to the editor before? That’s okay! These letters are only 200 words and take very little time to write. Use these TIPS to learn how to write a letter that is effective and publishable. Then use these talking points to find an angle for your letter and an interesting fact or or two to support your perspective. If your letter gets published, send it to us!
  • Email the members of the Health and Human Services Interim Committee (2 min). Ask them to support this bill as a means of reducing state Medicaid expenditures and creating stronger families. Make your email brief and to the point, with a clear header like: “Please support the Family Planning Services Amendments bill“. If this bill personally impacts you, mention it. Be sure to mention if you are a CONSTITUENT. Not sure who represents you? Check here. Note that Rep. Ward, the bill sponsor, is on this committee and does not need to be lobbied — though you are welcome to send him a note of thanks!

Talking Points

Further information and talking points on this bill can be found byclicking here.

Health and Human Services Interim Committee Members


Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R), Chair
Rep. Brad M. Daw (R), Chair
Sen. Allen M. Christensen (R)
Sen. Luz Escamilla (D)
Sen. Peter C. Knudson (R)
Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa (R)
Rep. Stewart E. Barlow (R)
Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D)
Rep. Rebecca P. Edwards (R)
Rep. Sandra Hollins (D)
Rep. Michael S. Kennedy (R)
Rep. Karianne Lisonbee (R)
Rep. Kelly B. Miles (R)
Rep. Paul Ray (R)
Rep. Edward H. Redd (R)
Rep. Robert M. Spendlove (R)
Rep. Raymond P. Ward (R)

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