Tell state legislators to work on climate change action

November 16th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

One of the best ways to get attention for the issues that matter to you is to write about them in the local paper. Letters to the editor (LTEs) are a terrific tool for community advocacy because they:

  • Get the attention of our decision makers
  • Help sway public opinion
  • Highlight issues that need more public attention

The best part is that LTEs can be written by ordinary community members like you and me. No experience necessary! But we do suggest following a few guidelines to make your letter as publishable and effective as it can be. Check out our TIPS on How to Write an Effective Letter to the Editor​. Then pick an issue and start writing!

One issue that needs community support is climate change policy. Although 71% of Utahns believe climate change is real and 64% of us believe that human activity exacerbates it, our state legislators have been slow to acknowledge climate change or act to mitigate its numerous impacts on our communities.


  1. Write a letter to the editor to call on our legislators to represent the will of their constituents and begin a discussion about climate change at the state legislature and what positive actions can be taken to mitigate its impacts. Click here for talking points and information about this issue. Don’t be shy! Letters are only about 200 words and can take just 15 minutes to write!
  2. Does your draft need help? Feel free to send it to us for copyediting help to ensure your letter is as effective and publishable as possible.
  3. Submit your letter to your local paper. You can also submit it to several papers at once and hope to get published in multiple places.
  4. Did your letter get published? Send us the link! We want to share your letter across social media and get it more attention!

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